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Books on Selling and Marketing Nature Photography Images

There are a lot of books we recommend to help you “sell” your work. Some of these are related to photography, but a lot are not, as the technique of selling isn’t limited to any specific category, and the more you know, and the more diverse your selling techniques, the greater your sales.

We have now made it easier for you to get these wonderful books through Amazon.com. If you don’t see the link or picture of the book, hit your REFRESH button or the F5 key to reload the page. If you have a comment or recommendation to us, please let us know in the comments below.

Writer’s Digest Photographer’s Market
The key book for anyone wanting to sell their images in any market, from galleries to stock agencies, this is the book you must have. Produced annually, the Photographers Market is a condensed set of guidelines and want lists from the photography buyers. They tell you what they want, what format they need it in, and how to reach them and meet their needs. Essays are scattered through the book, educating as well as informing. This directory book is extensive, and overwhelming at first. Narrow your search to your specific product line, be it photo stationery or editorial images. To broaden your market, check the other related categories, but start small to begin. Even though this book is produced annually, it’s final deadline for information is months in advance of the publishing date, so while they work hard to have the latest information inside, it isn’t always current, so call or email before approaching a new market to get the most current names and addresses and such.

Rohn Engh
Few have cornered the market on providing information about the business of photography than Rohn Engh. From his weekly newsletters and alerts to his comprehensive books on the subject, if you want to know the business that goes on behind the camera, this hyperactive gentleman has the resources for you. Sell and Re-Sell Your Photos: How to Sell Your Pictures to a World of Markets a Mailbox Away is one of his bestselling books, now in its fourth edition, teaches you how to make your images go a long way and how to increase your marketing efforts. PhotoStockNotes is Engh’s newsletter filled with tips, information and editorial commentary on the state of commercial and nature photography. An up-to-date resource for tax information, permits and licenses, and other business issues that directly impact photographers.

Big Bucks Selling Your Photography, Cliff Hollenbeck, Hot Shot Productions/Seattle
Designed for the commercial photographer, this book includes plenty of good information and resources for marketing your work and negotiating sales.
How You Can Make $25,000 a Year with Your Camera (No Matter Where You Live), Larry Cribb, Writer’s Digest
Part of the “Make $25,000 a year” series featuring writing and photography, this book may not be the solution to all your dreams, but the work ethics, tips and techniques for promoting your business and networking are excellent.
Selling Photographs: Determining Your Rates and Understanding Your Rights, Lou Jacobs, Jr., Amphoto
Exactly what the title says, this outstanding handbook helps you figure out pricing for different uses and sales, including for print sales market as well as commercial work.
Where and How to Sell Your Photographs, Arvel Ahlers, Amphoto
A general informational guide of selling your images, mostly in print form but others are covered. Includes good resource referral information.
Selling Nature Photographs, Nobert Wu
One of the world’s finest underwater and nature photographers, Norbert Wu tackles the business of photography to help you set up your nature photography business and maximize the selling potential of your images.

The Professional Photographers Guide to Shooting and Selling Nature and Wildlife Photos, Jim Zuckerman, Writer’s Digest Books
Great guide for the amateur who wants to move on to professional status and includes good how-tos on wildlife and nature photography, as well as rights and ethics. Includes information on writing a query letter and establishing a market.
More Books on Selling Photography and Selling in General



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    Would you be able to include a link to my book at Amazon on your site?

    The book is “Digital Art Photography for Dummies.”

  • Posted January 6, 2006 at 23:50 | Permalink

    Having never seen, nor heard, about the book, it’s kinda hard for me to review it and include any links.

    We are SERIOUS about our books. ;-)

    I have reviewed photography and other books for magazines and ezines, as well as on this site, for many years, so when we make a recommendation, we are familiar with the book, and often the author.

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