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Life Makeovers Group – How to Start Your Own Group

Life Makeover Program in Tel Aviv Completed

In the end of 2002, we finished this year-long program and it was a resounding success for those who participated fully, and a lesser success for those who participated at a lesser level. The adage that you get out of it what you put into it lived up to its truth in this program. Yet, from the continuing reports from the participants, no matter what they put into it, they continue to see the value increase as they slowly come to understand what happened during this intensive year-long program.

Much thanks to everyone who helped to make the Life Makeover program work here in Tel Aviv. ESRA (English Speaking Residents Association) helped tremendously with room arrangements and publicity. Ruth Alfi, my partner in crime on this project, helped keep the energy going and kept me on track. And thanks to everyone who participated, no matter at what level or how much. Keep on living your best life! And thank you for the opportunity to make a difference in the world around me! It has been wonderful fun!

Starting Your Own Life Makeovers Group

While we are done with the project in Tel Aviv, you can continue on with other groups around the world and online. Because our group was so successful, I continue to receive requests to help start new groups. For a listing of Life Makeover and related groups in the world, visit at www.cherylrichardson.com. Here are a list of other helpful sites:

The Story of the Life Makeover Group in Tel Aviv, Israel

Intrigued with the Life Makeover series on the Oprah show, and the book, Life Makeovers by Cheryl Richardson, I and my friend, Ruth Alfi, began a Life Makeover group in Tel Aviv when we couldn’t find one here, especially an English speaking group. Begun in October 2001, we had more than 40 people participating, with the group swelling to sixty or more from time to time. The group was sponsored by ESRA (English Speaking Residents Association) Life Makeover Logo for Tel Aviv groupand met as a large group once a month. The mission of the group was to help each other improve or change the quality of our lives. In order to accomodate the size of the group, we broke up into small geographical groups (3-5 people) which committed to get in contact with each other at least once a week.

The following were the commitments participants make when they join the group:

  • Meet once a month as a whole group
  • do an assignment from the book once a week
  • Be a part of a small group
  • Support and encourage yourself and the others through this process by contacting members in the small group at least once a week (meet in person, phone, email, fax, whatever)

Staying in Touch During the Month – The Essays

It’s important to stay in touch with the group during the month between meetings. To accomplish this, an emailed “newsletter” was sent out at least twice a month. The following are essays from our newsletter to help the group keep up with the homework.:

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