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Screen Resolution
FYI – To change the Screen Resolution on a Windows operating system, RIGHT CLICK anywhere on your desktop away from icons and select from the menu PROPERTIES. Then choose SETTINGS and play around with your monitor resolution to be the highest quality while still being readable. Your screen will jump around and maybe scare you, but be brave and try out a few of the settings before deciding. If you get few or no options under your settings – it’s time to upgrade your graphics card at the least. Click APPLY and OKAY to close the window when you’ve decided.

If you set the screen to a high quality and the type looks too small, go to Advanced on the Settings page and/or Appearance to change the font sizes. Check through the various tabs on the Desktop Properties window while you are at it to see if there are any other changes you would like to do, like changing the desktop background to a picture of you and your family or pets, or any other fun things to make your computer experience more fun. You can’t hurt anything that can’t easily be fixed or changed, so play a little.

The following are some tools and resources you might need when designing, testing, and developing your website. We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions for free website design, development, and utilities, so let us know if you have some favorites.

Compatibility: HTML and Browsers

Web Browser Statistics

Web Page Tools

Web Page Counters and Statistics

Web Page Software

Web Page Design Elements


Adding Credit Card Payments to Your Site

Web Page Add-Ons

Bring dynamic content to your web pages.

Website Awards

Web Server Status

Domain, IP, and Server Issues and Top Web Hosts

Website Content Ratings Systems and Labels

Rating of web page content similar to the movie rating system.

Free Site Search Engines

These are free search engines that search your site to help the user find information and resources.

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    hi thank you for all your usefull information. i really had been seeking for days to find a decent webhosting, for my new website, and now i found a very usefull link.

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