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Alien Plants

Alien Plant lifeA friend of mine, Ida, has given me some strange plants to put in my garden. We don’t know what they are but we find them around Tel Aviv. Ida told me that she never planted them, they just “fell out of the sky” into her window plant boxes and started growing. They are fairly prolific and survive the winter and the dread heat of summer without any problems. They grow tall and spindly and form these little buds or flower things at the top, which we call “alien babies” from the “alien plant”, which fall off and drop into the soil. There they take root without much help and begin to grow and make more alien babies.

What kind of alien plant is this?Trying to figure out what they were, I asked all my friends, showing them the plants and pictures of the plants. They don’t know. I sent an email to my mother-in-law, Lynda Kay, who is brilliant at plants, and this is her response (via her husband):

“Mom says that from the pictures it appears to be a florabundus israeliacitinis alienasticanicus, otherwise known throughout the world as an “alien Israeli flower”. If not, then it must be something else. Why don’t you put it on the web page and see if someone can identify it there? Other than that, we don’t know.”

Another view of alien plantWe loved the answer. So we’re stuck not knowing what these things are. Do you know? If you know the names of these things and anything about their needs or habits, please let me know and make sure the message says “I recognize the alien plant life” so I don’t think you are spamming me about UFOs.
We're looking for the name of these alien plants
Tel Aviv, Israel


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    “I recognize the alien plant life” send me and bud that falls off the plant so i can study it. I have been studying weird plant for 5 years now send me some more pics just in case I can not grow the bud that you send me. I’ll get started on finding out what it is right now.

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    There is no more plant. It died in 2005. All we have are pictures and memories. You have what we have. If you know what it is or have a hint, it might answer our questions, but that’s all we know.

    And please, never post your email address inside of the comment box. It’s very dangerous.


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