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More Nauseating Pictures of New Kitten

Kohav and Brent portraitOkay, this will be the last of the new pictures for a while, if we can stand it, but Brent has insisted that he show off his new daughter.

Our new little kitten has a name. It is Kohav, pronounced CO-CKHah-v but CO-HAH-V will also work. The word features that horrid HCHKHeck sound like you are gargling up spit in your throat, but we will treat it softer like a forced HEH sound.

We settled upon Kohav because it means “star”. She has tiny white hairs flirting around with the solid blackness on her face and back and her ears are constellations of stars in the midnight black. Using our little crummy digital camera, we can’t seem to capture the soft white hairs, but they are there. She is fluffy and will probably stay long hair as she grows up. She is also a gem, and our world now revolves around her, so “star” is appropriate. Brent is so disgustingly in love, it really is obnoxious, and he has barely stopped smiling and laughing in the past week, more than in the past two or three YEARS!
Closeup of Kohav with little blue eyes
Kohav is now six weeks old and bouncing off the walls then collapsing into the deepest sleep, so deep, sometimes I check her breathing or move her to wake up a bit so I’m sure she is still with us. She loves sleeping on us, near us, around us, and just attached at the hip constantly. A more loving and cuddly baby we could not have asked for.

She sleeps all through the night with us in bed, staying out of the path of rolling humans quite well, and reminding us with a squeal if we’ve smothered her. She loves snuggling in between us for warmth, which is amazing during the heat wave we’re in the middle of – the traditional Shurav is doing its hot and sandy stuff – and loves cuddling necks, heads, hair, and any bent arm or leg. She has also taken to sleeping on my desk between my chest and the keyboard, and when she starts squirming, I put her on my shoulder and she rides around there or draped around my neck. If it’s a resting point, she will find it on our bodies.

Kohav sleeps in Brent's shirt pocketShe has recently found Brent’s shirt pocket and decided that this is the best place in town for a good nap in the late afternoon and evening, and a good place to keep an eye on the man in the beard and smack his hairy chin if he doesn’t cooperate.

Brent is thrilled to have a new sleeping partner and it doesn’t take much to lure him to bed. Her purr is a soft chatter with a hum underneath, which sets Brent’s sleep mechanism right to work.

Mornings begin at 5:45 when Brent leaves the bed for the race to work, taking her to the potty as he heads for the shower. Then she is immediately back in the bed dancing on my head and every other body part as she attacks folds and creases in the sheets, moving and unmoving, demanding playtime. I play with her for a bit, then feed her and head out to exercise, if the heat doesn’t knock me on my tuckus. Lunch brings more playtime and naps as I eat and watch my downloaded television shows, and then more play time and nap time during the afternoon between work projects until Brent comes home. She goes running for the door, arriving before I do, for the first hug and snuggle. I now have to wait my turn.

Brent and Kohav snuggling in their sleepWe spent the weekend, our first weekend as a threesome, together in Eilat, chasing birds again. Brent got some great bird pictures, we hope, of honey buzzards and a rare European Bittern or something like that. She traveled perfectly, not bothered by the long drive hours plus) and enjoying being carted around in her mesh backpack (pack for me on my back, not hers) and riding in the car. She even used the potty, an improvised dog dish with a little kitty litter, and Brent rolled down all the windows to air the car out as I snatched up the toxin and stuffed it inside two plastic bags, tied tightly. She is still adjusting to healthy cat food, though she doesn’t look like she was starved or harmed or suffered in any way, but the side effects are nasty poops and hideously foul farts. We have to really watch for kitten farts – they are extraordinarily potent. As Brent headed out predawn every morning for the birds, Kohav and I stayed in from the miserable 100F heat and sand and got to know each other. She took to her name quickly, and we had a few snug naps and wrestling matches, the whole of her life’s work right there.

Brent napped with her during the day, so cute, the sunburned fuzzy faced giant of a man with a spot of black on his neck. Brent is in love and I can see that this will be a long term relationship.

Brent and Kohav snuggling asleep togetherWell, that’s the cuteness, nauseatingness up-to-date on the new addition to our family. For those living in Seattle, you’ll get a chance to see her in person in August, as we trek there, hopefully, for a guitar workshop for Brent. Love and thanks for tolerating and sharing our new found joy!

Tel Aviv, Israel


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    I was just scanning through google and your story caught my eye, Its so TOUCHING!!! It made me cry… Just wanting to let ya know how I feel cause I’ve had a similar experiance. ^-^

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