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Setting Up the Blog

After quite a bit of research, I decided to give WordPress a try for handling our blog. For the most part, the “5 minute installation” worked great but there were a few minor glitches in the process.

Almost immediately after posting the blog, but not any links from my web site pages, since I still had to tweak it to what I want, I had dozens of comments on my entries. I thought this was VERY odd. I checked, learning as I went, and these were all from the “same person”, a spammer representing various web sites that dealt with gambling and casinos in Texas. Creeps. A robot or spider driven spammer, I’m sure. One blog I posted attracted a comment within a few minutes of uploading. Amazing how insidious these jerks are.

Before I can even learn how to run the program, I’m battling spammers. I finally found the access panel under Options to create a filtered list that deletes all comments that include specific words in the content, email, or url. It’s a pretty nasty thing to do, but in one day I had 155 spams on my blog. And that is the first day.

Whatever happened to playing fair and nice?

I really want a system that puts the effort on the spammers and not on me to protect me from their crimes. Or set it up so I have to sign up on a list in order to be spammed. That’s the real ticket. Spammers have to use only that list and if they don’t, kill them. Make it tough. Chain them to a stake and take pictures of them and upload them to an entertainment oriented site where all can see the evil doers and throw virtual tomatoes and eggs at them. When someone knowing sets out to injure another, and the proof is in the written word from their own hands, make them pay graphically. We need some serious incentives in this world and locking people up or hiring the real smart ones who spam and send viruses all over the world to destroy computers and waste every one’s time isn’t incentive to make them stop. They just get more inventive. Make it graphic, visual, and incredibly public. Go for humiliation, go for violence, go for BLOOD.

Okay, I think I’m through for the moment. Whew!

Honestly, it took me two hours to read through posts on the WordPress forums to find out how to deal with spam, and then another hour digging through the software before I finally found out how to work things to prevent this. This is Day Two of using the program and already I’m wasting time with abuse. So sad. You see how my anger is justified. I haven’t even learned the program yet.

Hopefully this technique will work. I’ll let you know about the other techniques and plug-ins that I’ll be researching when I get a chance. I certainly didn’t need to be dealing with spammers while packing and moving.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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  • Posted November 22, 2006 at 10:26 | Permalink

    Hi, my name is Lee and I am an “Orchid Addict”! I’m also a total newbie to the concept of blogging. I have lots to learn in a short time about the hightech aspects that make this possible while travelling. I have worked as a photographer, teacher and now as a designer. So, I am about to travel through the Orient during December (2006) and wish to set up a blog for family, friends and other orchid enthusiasts to ‘travel’ along with me. I intend to follow your guide but if you have any pertinent tips as I begin, I am most appreciative. I want to add a new laptop and other equipment that might make the effort and communications easier and more dependable. Recommendations for such are appreciated as well. The travel hubs are Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bali and wonder about WI-FI or other acccess. Thanks in advance!

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