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We asked and you spoke. We love having our fans and viewers give us feedback on how we are dong and about what we are doing. It helps us discover more and better ways to expanding your knowledge of nature and travel photography and life on the road.

If you haven’t had your turn to talk back to us, you can add your comments to our comment section below.

Here are some of the comments we’ve been getting from our viewers.

I just returned from Israel a few hours ago, and wanted to write to you expressing my thanks for your extensive, and extremely helpful information and advise. I am really flattered that you took the time to prepare such thorough notes for me, even though we have never met. I visited the Maktesh HaGadol and spent approx. 4 hours shooting. I can’t wait to get back my slides to see the abstract patterns and shapes I found in the sand formations you described. Thanks again for your help in making my visit to Israel memorable.
Michael Pollak, Toronto, Canada

I feel so honored when anyone asks us for advice for photographing in Israel, especially when their interest is on the nature and archeological sites. Thanks for asking, Michael, and hopefully we can take advantage of your expertise on Toronto when we come visiting in your neck of the woods.

Absolutely love your site. It is so easy to get around and it has so much fantastic information. I sat for hours reading it all! Whew! Great job, my friend!
Kate from Lynnwood, Washington

What wonderful stories! I print them out and read them, laughing and crying with you. What adventures you have had. Keep up the great work and thanks for the wonderful times.
Ida from Israel

I’m so proud of you and all you’ve done. I love you!
Brent from Everywhere (Lorelle’s husband)

You have done absolutely fantastic job on your web site! It’s just perfect and wonderful articles!
Sabiha from Dubai

You have a very nice looking and informative web site.
Joe Matus

I came across your web site, and see that you have a book called ‘Home is where Lorelle is’. Has that book been published, and if so, how can I order a copy? Thank You!

Hello to another Lorelle! There are a few of us out there, and the ones I have met are living up to the creativity and eccentric nature of our names. To answer your question, our book, “Home Is Where Lorelle Is”, isn’t ready for publication yet, but samples of our stories are available in our Telling Zone. I’m working on it!!!
Lorelle VanFossen

Dear VanFossen:
It was a pleasure to discover your beautiful and interesting site and read so many articles that really explain and advise from “the eyes level”. I live in Israel and I am a photo amateur, taking pictures with print film (not slide). Can you recommend (from your experience) on a good film for landscape , urban and people pictures due to the hot weather and plenty of sunshine in Israel.
Pessach Levy

Thanks for the nice comments. We are still living in Israel and love much of the country, with its fascinating terrain and culture. We have written a couple of articles about photographing in Israel, specifically in Jerusalem, and we have plenty more coming. Brent is working on an article about bird photography and watching in Israel – of huge interest since Israel is on one of the most important bird migration routes in the world. As for film, we only work with slide film, specifically Fuji’s 100 ISO slide film and their Velvia 50 ISO. It is excellent for just about anything. As for the overwhelming harsh sunlight in Israel – we photograph more in the winter than summer to take advantage of weather and longer sunrises and sunsets when the sun is low on the horizon. Summer is horrible and limited to only early mornings and late afternoons, and the sunrise and sunset light is gone fast. Because we enjoy working with natural light, we don’t photograph much at all in the summer in Israel. Flash is the only other alternative, but not much good for landscape work.

Glad to know another fellow photographer in Israel and good luck with your work. There are some wonderful photography clubs here in Israel, if you aren’t involved already. If you would like information on the clubs, let me know and I’ll refer you to some good contacts.

There was a link to your web site in a Minolta newsgroup, which I luckily followed. It’s a wonderful web site, chockful of goodies, and I would still be wondering around in it if my seven year old daughter wasn’t hocking me to get on the computer. I will definitely bookmark it and return.

It is folks such as yourself, and the work they put into putting sites up on the web for others to enjoy and explore, that give meaning to the World Wide Web. Thanks alot.
Howie “Dukephoto” Schutkofsky
Martinsburg, West Virginia

And it is folks like you, Howie, who keep us doing the hard work for your benefit. Thank you for the wonderful feedback!

Hi Lorelle. My name is Mark, and I’ve just spent more than a few very pleasant minutes looking over your web site. Wow! Really great … and congrats! (Loved the quotes … loved your stories about Israel.) I’m an engineering prof from Marquette University spending the year at the Weizmann Institute. Would love to learn more about workshops and/or programs you are running. Thanks, in advance,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Welcome to Israel! We have a variety of workshops and programs we offer worldwide. Visit our Program Information page for the latest dates and events. And thanks for the kind words!

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  • Ross
    Posted September 21, 2005 at 2:31 | Permalink

    I am very keen about photography clubs in Israel, especially Jerusalem as I have just moved here for at least 2 years from new Zealand where I have been involved with a club there. Just wondering if someone on this neat site from Israel could contact me.
    Just wondering if Lorelle could pass my e-mail to someone.
    thanks heaps


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