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WordPress Resources List

As one of the many volunteers who help out from time to time with WordPress on the WordPress Forum, I found myself repeatingly giving out link references so I started keeping notes and have put together a list of some of the link references most needed and asked for on the forum. Some of these are links to articles on the WordPress Codex, the main documentation site for the program, but others are answers posted on the forums, or other sites with the answers to common problems or situations that arise when using WordPress.

The WordPress Lessons on the WordPress Codex are really expanding, providing extensive step-by-step information to help anyone at any level.

We hope these help you and others find their way around WordPress.

New to WordPress: Beginners

Learning anything new can be overwhelming but there are a lot of resources that will take you through the process step-by-step.

Themes and Template Files

WordPress uses Themes to handle the website design and layout elements. Template Files and template tags are the files and tag tools that generate the results of each web page within your WordPress site. WordPress Pages are web pages within your site that feature information like “About Us”, “Contact”, “Schedule/Events”, and “Site Map”. The following resources will help you to learn how to use these to design your site.

Resources for Themes

Themes and Templates

WordPress and CSS

CSS Browsers and Positioning

WordPress Pages

Customizing Your WordPress Site

The following resources will help you move beyond the WordPress Theme you’ve choosen to customize how your WordPress site will look and respond. If customizing a site is new to you, check out the WordPress Lessons on Designing Your WordPress Site first.


Customizing Your Sidebar

Content and Excerpts

Conditional Tags and the Loop

Sorting Categories

Styling Categories Differently

Odds and Ends

WordPress Add-ons, Extends, and Plugins

While WordPress out-of-the-box is great and has amazing power, there are literally hundreds of add-ons called “Plugins” and other scripts which extend the functionality of WordPress.

Plugins List

Nicer Archives

Nicer Archives is a work in progress you can feature on a WordPress Page as a table of contents, archive list, or site map. As it is evolving, check the following sites for the latest information.

Image Rotator

WordPress Foreign Language Issues

WordPress Site Tools, Development, Maintenance, and Tasks

There is a lot of power features for WordPress, but there is a lot of work, too. The following are resources you may need to help you work with WordPress, including validating and developing your site, tools, maintenance, and things you should do to keep your WordPress site in top condition.

WordPress Site Development

Backing Up and Restoring Database

Moving WordPress

RSS Feeds

Trackback tester

WordPress Web Designers

WordPress Community

There is a lot going on within the WordPress Community if you want to get involved and keep up with WordPress activities and efforts. The following should help you find more information on the WordPress Community.

WordPress Support Forum

Many people want to give back to this exciting free and open source program by volunteering to help others learn how to use WordPress. Before getting involved, you might want to check out these resources first.

WordPress Codex

The WordPress Codex is the documentation site for WordPress. This is where the manual for WordPress is under development. Volunteers are needed to edit, write, and maintain the documentation.

WordPress Contests

WordPress Development

If you are into PHP and programming and you want to really get in and get your hands dirty, WordPress is ready for you.

Show You Care About WordPress

There are many ways to show you care about WordPress and want it to continue into the future.


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    “This is an awesome resource” Agree.

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    Thanks for this very good article … Can i translate this and insert on my site in Poland? Thanks

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    To directly translate it and publish it would be a violation of copyright law.

    Combined with the issue that some of the information on this page is now very much out of date, I recommend you use it as a starting point to find more current information and create your own list in your own language.

    Good luck.

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    Lorelle: Can i too add this on mysite? Your side has very helpful articles.
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    Again, you can’t add this to your site, but you can link to it. Feel free to link to it as much as you want, or find updated material similar or related to this and create your own resources list.

    For those looking for a more updated version, see WordPress Resources on Lorelle on WordPress.

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    As you know, you can link to my content and not violate my copyright policy. You cannot “add” my content to your blog. If you need to learn more about copyright and content theft, see What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content.

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    Translations without permission and republished are a violation of copyright. This list is very much out of date, so it isn’t a good reference nor reason to translate and reproduce. No thank you. But good luck with your homework.

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