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Attract Wild Birds – Bird Supplies, Identification and Success Tips

We love bringing you new sites and information on wildlife and birds, and we found another good site. Attract Wild Birds offers a wide range of wild bird identification information, articles on attracting and feeding wild birds, and all kinds of information for wild bird enthusiasts.

One of the greatest treasures on the site is the online version of Wild Bird Neighbors – An Introduction to 150 Birds Commonly Found in Nearby Gardens, Meadows, and Woods. Based on the 1922 edition by Neltje Blanchan, with an intro by John Burroughs, it was originally written in 1897. I would prefer keeping the original, but they are working hard to update the information into modern language and revitalize the book.

Editor’s Note: It is believed that this was one of the very first bird fielder’s guide to be printed. Many mentions are made of a larger Audubon book being used as a primary reference – which was too heavy to lug into the bush or to take on bird-watching hikes. This bird book was small and the verbiage was brief.

The birds identified in the book are native and migratory, covering the north-eastern region of the US and to eastern Canada. You can also read the original from the Guttenberg Project.

They also have a birding forum so you can discuss different birds, what you have found and see, how to attract them to your home and garden, and other information on birding and wild birds.

Good luck with the site and if you are a birder, this is worth checking out.

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  • Kathy
    Posted January 15, 2007 at 12:46 | Permalink

    I am looking for info on how to attract birds native to my area…Mobile,, AL….we are about to landscape our new home by a small lake and would love to include plants, trees that would attract a variety of birds. Thanks for leading me to a source that might help me….Kathy

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