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Blogpoly: The New Monopoly for Bloggers

Using blogging software and changing our entire site over to blogging software, I feel like I’ve entered a new world. There are all kinds of words I’m learning like feeds, blog, weblog, RSS, blogrolls, trackbacks, pings, pingbacks….. oh, lots of words. An article on the WordPress Codex called WordPress Semantics helped me learn even more terms, dealing with blogs and WordPress. It feels like a whole new world, and in fact, they call it a “blogosphere”.

And now, there is a blogosphere game called Blogpoly. According to the designer, the take-off on the Monopoly style board lays out the “Blogosphere Ecosystem”. Even WordPress gets a property listing. Ping-0-matic, AOL AIM, and even Skype get spots on the board.

And the question you are all just waiting to know the answer to: Who represents Boardwalk and Park Place? Why Google and Yahoo, of course!

I love an active imagination!

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  • Posted November 28, 2005 at 16:43 | Permalink

    I’ve created an actual game of Blogpoly that can be played online at http://www.kurnik.org (a classic online games site of mine). It’s fun!

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