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Published: Instantly Improve Your Photography Article in the Community of PhenomenalWomen.com

Wow, it’s a day of recognition. An article submitted per request almost two years ago has just been released to the public on Phenomenal Women’s article resources. The article, Instantly Improve Your Photography – Overcoming Bull’s Eye Syndrome, is from our basic photography series and discusses how to avoid one of the most common mistakes people make when creating photographs.

For those who don’t know, we write articles for a wide variety of magazines, e-zines, websites, and newletters all over the world. We also sell our nature photography images.


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    I have been writing a photography blog. I am wondering how effective this is when trying to showcase my work. I have pretty much given up on the idea to sell my work and decided to continue my education so I can teach photography on the college level. I just wanted to note, that I found blogging quite effective to document my thoughts and publish my work online. I am wondering what the best way to obtain viewers to my site?

    Let me know if you have any suggestions!

    Shawn Kringstad

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    Good question. The myth is that fabulous photographs will attract viewers. The reality is that fabulous words attract search engine results.

    Reality is that a blog or website of photographs is a nice showcase. It is a complement to everything else you do with your photography business. It is not the end all and be all. Few sales are made from web pages alone. Many sales are made from promoting your work, direct sales, solicitation, advertising, and general marketing, with the website acting as your online business card and gallery showcase.

    To get viewers to your site, you can go through many of the tips and articles I have on this site in my Website Development category, or on my Lorelle on WordPress blog in the Web Wise category which features a lot of posts about website development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization – aka – how to get into search engine results). It basically involves providing original content that acts as a magnet for those searching for your particular content.

    Stick to your education and teaching and make the website and blog part of your efforts but not the sole effort. And get off Blogspot and get your own domain name. Business and professional sites should have their own domain name. Just part of doing business. I’ll be writing more about this on my WordPress blog, so thanks for asking as it is a critical question.

    Good luck!

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