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Yahoo Has New PhotoMail Service

If you are sending a lot of photographs via email, for business or pleasure, you might be interested in this. Yahoo announces it is rolling out a new PhotoMail service. PhotoMail will let users insert “up to 300 digital photographs into the body of an e-mail and store an unlimited numbers of photos on the Web and media company’s computers.”

May be interesting. Just don’t send them to me. ;-) Gads, why would I want to send 300 low quality photographs to ANYONE? Even as a professional photographer, I narrow down my selection to 20-40 images. 300? That would overwhelm any photo buyer unless they specifically asked for it. Still, that’s a huge number. Interesting.

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  • Debra
    Posted April 17, 2006 at 21:54 | Permalink

    Hmmm. Yahoo choked when I tried sending 90 vacation photos to the rest of the vacationers. Of course, it choked AFTER I had done all the uploading and addressing. Not yet ready for prime time, IMHO.

    But I wish it was!

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