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Nature Photography and Photography Magazines

Photography and specialized nature photography magazines serve to provide us with information and inspiration. We are always studying, learning, reading, and researching, learning from stories and photographs. We study how a story and images are combined to create an overall picture of a place or animal. We learn to see what other photographers see and when we are photographing the same subject or place, we work hard to see it differently.

Magazines on nature, photography, and nature help us to expand our knowledge and abilities and bring us a constant stream of information to help us stay motivated and inspired. These are some of the photography magazines, especially nature oriented magazines, that we continually refer to and read. And some we’ve been published in, so that shows you they know a good thing when they see it. ;-) Enjoy.

We have now made it easier for you to get these wonderful books through Amazon.com. If you don’t see the link or picture of the book, hit your REFRESH button or the F5 key to reload the page. If you have a comment or recommendation to us, please let us know below.


Nature Photography Magazines

We are always learning to see “what the others are up to”. We learn by studying the work, writing, and photography of others. We watch trends in styles and stories and are always on the lookout for a new idea or story resource. These magazines help us keep up with our specific nature photography industry and interest.


Nature-oriented Magazines

As nature photographers, we are constantly learning about nature and natural subjects. This helps us to improve our photography and understand behaviors. The more we know about our subject, the better our chances of finding them and capturing great photographic images.


General Photography Magazines

Whether you are buying a camera or just want to stay on top of what is going on in photography, these magazines will keep you up-to-date on the latest, hottest, and bestest information on photography in general.


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  • Posted March 20, 2009 at 10:01 | Permalink

    Outdoor photographer is my favorite.

    I used to get this and I actually saved them all.

    They are great magazines full of good information and stunning photography.

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