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Just went I thought it was time to relax, Hurricane Wilma is threatening our shores again. It is just about to hit the Yucatan, blasting away at Cozumel and Cancun, and already the weather radio has been going off for two days warning of high surf and shore erosion and possible flooding. Brent and I are now checking Weather Underground and the Weather Channel on TV all the time, worrying about a shift in the winds which might suddenly cause Hurricane Wilma to shift course and head right for us.

I already have the Internet browser Firefox extension ForecastFox that gives me local weather updates in my browser, but I just ran across an RSS feed that allows you to customize a feed weather report specifically for your area.

Feed for Weatherbug RSS FeedWeatherbug RSS is a free customizable RSS feed to bring the weather report right to your feed reader. Click on the big orange button that says “Start Free Weatherbug Feed” and then enter how you want the feed to arrive, either as text or graphics, and if you just want current conditions and/or forecasts, and enter in your zip code. Save the generated results to your feed reader and you have nearly instant updates on the weather in your area.

So now that I’m fully armed with weather reports coming at me from every angle, I’m ready to pack up and run again if it starts heading towards us. Oh, boy.

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