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Panoramio – Photographic View of the Planet

A lot of creative things are being done with Google Maps, and a new fun thing is Panoramio.

Panoramio offers up photographs showcasing various points on the globe using Google Maps so you can see the lovely scenery. Photographic images are uploaded by users and can be seen by anyone, or set to be private so only you can see them. While they have had some problems with professional photographers wanting to use this to promote their photography and images that show only people and not the area, their policies towards image submissions are pretty lax. Anyone can sign up and submit their photos. The images must not include logos or any promotional devices, nor porn. Copyright protections don’t seem to be in place, so assume that your images aren’t protected and that you are “giving them away”.

It’s a nice way to show off your images and to connect a photograph with a location and a location with memorable photographs.


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    Thanks for the post! We are glad you like Panoramio.

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    BTW, Just to clarify that posting pictures photos in Panoramio doesn’t mean “giving them away”.

    In the homepage and in the “help” there is a footnote that makes clear that posting the photos in Panoramio doesn’t mean any change in the copyright status of the photos. That mean that you are not giving them away, but you keep all your copyrights over them.

    Anyway, you are right we should include this copyright note in every page.


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    Just a little comment about the copyright status of photos posted in Panoramio.

    They remain the property of the photographer.

    You can see a reply to this question in our help:

    You just give us the right to reproduce your photo in Panoramio, but that right is not transfered automatically to anybody else.

    The “photo acceptance policy” was not put in place due to problems with photographers trying to promote their work (that’s not a problem), it was due to people posting nudes or highly irrelevant photos (a head with a white background, for instance).

    Thank you for your comment!


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    Ops, I wrote my reply at the same time than Eduardo’s one, sorry for the duplicate.

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    You both explained it well. Thank you.

    Great minds think alike, and all that! ;-)

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    We just have included a copyright notice beside every photo in Panoramio. Your feedback has been very useful ;)



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    Glad you were paying attention to details! And always glad to help services providing images to the public, and photographers, both pro and amateur, to protect their rights. It’s critically important, especially nowadays. Thanks.

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