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Guide to Selling Digital Cameras on eBay

Stella Kleiman’s article, “A Guide to Selling Digital Cameras on eBay”, has good tips for selling all cameras, not just digital cameras, on Ebay.

As is often the case with consumer electronics, the technology is steadily improving while prices are dropping, leading many shoppers to eBay in search of newer models at bargain prices. There is still a market for digital cameras that are a few years old or have fewer than 2 megapixels; however, prices are relatively low. I advise our eSpecialists to research the specific camera model online before accepting it for sale. Best-selling brands include: Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Sony.

When creating a title for a camera listing, include the following information as keywords: Brand name; Model name or number; Resolution (number of megapixels); Optical zoom (2x, 3x, etc.); Amount of memory; Format (SLR, Compact “Point-and-Shoot”, etc.); Lenses (make and sizes); Memory card, carrying case and other accessories; and NIB if New In Box.

She continues with good instructions on shipping camera equipment to customers. This is very important as a perfectly good camera can easily be ruined in the shipping process and handling returns can be time consuming and costly.

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  • Posted March 23, 2006 at 2:44 | Permalink

    Good tips! Unfortunately I don’t think ebay will allow me to fit all that information in the title! :) Maybe I’ll sell the memory card separately.

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