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Using Window Design To Protect Birds from Collisions With Windows

Treehugger offers information on “Using Window Design To Protect Birds”, a new technology which will help to protect birds from flying into your windows. I was delighted to find this as I am currently staying with my mother and the bedroom has a view window out the backyard where she’s put a large bird feeder so I can watch the birds (and squirrels and raccoons) nibble. Every day or two I hear a thwomp as a bird flies into the window. Luckily, they rarely hit very hard as they are taking off from the feeder when they smack, but it is startling and frustrating. I want the view but not at the risk of injuring the birds.

According the Treehugger:

It’s a film patterned in the shape of trees and attached to the windows of the Earth Rangers Centre in Woodbridge, Ontario. It was designed by architectural consultant John Butner to prevent birds from colliding into the windows.

It is used on more than 100 second-floor windows on the building. Many other clever designs can stop bird collisions — a recent BuildingGreen article covers some strategies. According to Daniel Klem, a biology professor at Pennsylvania’s Muhlenberg College, the number of birds kills on windows is staggering — each year about 333 times as many birds are killed as those killed by the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

In order to view the specs on the window designs, you have to login at BuildingGreen, which is a shame. Still, this is exciting news for bird lovers! And for the birds.

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  • Posted June 14, 2006 at 9:01 | Permalink

    i lov birds and i do not want them to die the rest of my familey does not realy care i dont give a shit i am 9 that is my storey of birds.

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