with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Itinerary, Tour, and Traveling Schedule of the VanFossens

Our schedule is subject to change, based on weather, access, and just plain silliness like truck problems or life interfering. If we are coming to a town near you, please let us know. If you have room for a 30 foot fifth wheel trailer, that would even be better! Email us at lorelle@cameraontheroad.com.

Date Location Interest
December 13, 1996 Seattle, Washington Leaving Home
January 4, 1997 Tulsa, Oklahoma Visiting Brent’s family for Xmas
January 13, 1997 Corpus Christi, Texas Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
February 5, 1997 Ft. Myers, Florida Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge
February 14, 1997 Homestead, Florida Everglades National Park
February 20, 1997 Homosassa, Florida Swamps and wetlands
March 1, 1997 South Texas Big Bend National Park
March 8, 1997 Tucson, Arizona Arizona Deserts
March 25, 1997 Mesa Verde, Colorado Indian Pueblos
April 5, 1997 Austin,Texas Texas Hill Country
May 5, 1997 Hot Springs, Arkansas Buffalo River National Wildlife Refuge
May 10, 1997 Buffalo River, Arkansas Buffalo National River
May 17, 1997 Tulsa, Oklahoma Tall Grass Prairie
June 15, 1997 Denver, Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park
July 1997 Banff/Jasper, Alberta Banff/Jasper National Park
August 1997 Alaska State Fall color/mammals
October 1997 Banff/Jasper, Alberta Fall color/mammals
October 30, 1997 Denver, Colorado Fall and Snow
November 20, 1997 Santa Fe, New Mexico Thanksgiving with friends
December 5, 1997 Bosque del Apache, NM Birds
December 20 1997 Tulsa, Oklahoma Home for the holidays
January 14, 1998 Winterhaven, Florida NANPA Conference
January 18, 1998 St. Petersburg, Florida Coastal Birds
February 5, 1998 Sarasota, Florida Venice Rookery, Birds
February 28, 1998 Ft. Myers, Florida Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge
March 15, 1998 Lake Worth, Florida Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
March 30, 1998 Ft. Myers, Florida Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge
April 10, 1998 Sarasota, Florida Job Hunting
April 20, 1998 Charleston, SC On Way to Job
May 1, 1998 Greensboro, NC Working real jobs and catching up
September 15, 1999 Tulsa, OK To put trailer in storage
September 28, 1999 Tel Aviv, Israel A new adventure
March 30, 2000 Paris, France A honeymoon
June 10, 2000 Rhodes, Greece A relaxing weekend exploring an island
September 12, 2000 Prague, Czech Republic Fairytale Ancient City
December 2001 Istanbul, Turkey Shopper’s paradise!
February and March 2001 Lotan/Eilat, Israel Playing with the birds
February 2001 Petra, Jordan Visiting the City of Stone
June 2001 Dubrovnik, Croatia A war torn country recovers beautifully
December 2001 Budapest, Hungary Christmas in the snow!
March 2002 London, England Playing in the rain with the queen!
May 2002 Texas and Oklahoma, USA Brent at an Engineering Conference and a visit to the land of capitalism and WalMart!
January 2003 Antalya, Turkey Ancient Port City
February 2003 Northern Spain Six weeks in a magical and historical land running from war in the Middle East
April 2003 Tulsa, Oklahoma Family, friends, and Walmart!
July 2003 Back to Israel For Hot, more hot, and heat in the holy land
October 2003 Czech Republic Guitar Festival and Exploring Prague and the Eastern and Northern foothills of the country
December 2003 Jerusalem, Israel Looking For Christmas in Jerusalem
May 2004 Eilat, Israel Looking For Birds
August 2004 Seattle, Washington Brent at Guitar Workshop and Engineering Conferences, and Lorelle with Family
August 2004 Seattle, Washington Olympic National Park – Celebrating Our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Where We Were Married
September 2004 Winfield, Kansas Brent to the Famous Winfield Guitar Contest and Festival (Lorelle in Seattle)
October 2004 Amsterdam, Netherlands Guitar Workshop for Brent and Exploring the City of Bicycles
October 2004 Back to Israel Friends Jo and Al Boyett from Seattle come for a two week visit to Explore the Holy Land
November 2004 Tulsa, Oklahoma We pack our life up in Israel and Head to Tulsa to Unpack the Trailer for New Job and Home
December 2004 Mobile, Alabama Moving to New Job and Temporary Life in Mobile, Alabama
January 2005 Tulsa, Oklahoma (Lorelle) Inspecting our household shipment from Israel
January 2005 Seattle, Washington (Lorelle) Family business and checking in
March 2005 Mobile, Alabama Back in time for the start of an early hurricane season
July 2005 Near Memphis, Tennessee Running from Hurricane Dennis smacking Mobile, Alabama, and the Gulf Coast
August 2005 Back to Mobile, Alabama In time for another tiny hurricane
September 2005 Atlanta, Georgia Running from Hurricane Katrina
October 2005 Mobile, Alabama Are we stupid or what? Ready for another hurricane, this one small, though. We sat through it.
November 2005 Seattle, Washington Flew to Seattle to pick up Lorelle’s dad in his small motor home and drive him to Mobile to spend the winter with us.
October-November 2005 In and out of New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast Dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
November 2005 – Thanksgiving Seattle; San Francisco; Desert Springs, California; Mesa, Arizona; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Arkansas; Biloxi; to Mobile, Alabama Driving father to warmer weather for winter and visiting family and friends along the way
December 2005 Seattle/Leavenworth, Washington First chance to play in the snow in YEARS
January 2006 Mobile, Alabama Work and more trips to New Orleans and Mississippi, with some time out for Mardi Gras in Mobile
March 2006 Alabama; Kentucky; Tennesse; Ohio, Indiana; Michigan; Illinois; Wisconsin; Minnesota; South Dakota; Montana; Idaho; Washington Visiting friends and family and driving father back home to Seattle
April-May 2006 Portland and Central and Coastal Oregon Doing some work and taking Lorelle’smother for a motor home trip of her own for a few weeks.
May 2006 Mobile, Alabama Back to Brent and time for hurricane season, weeeee!
Who knows! Now that we’re back in the states, the list is long

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