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Gallery of nature and travel photography by Brent and Lorelle VanFossen. For more information about how we create these photographs, visit our Learning Zone and our Behind The Scenes look at how we create some of our photography.

Leaves Crackle Beneath My Feet

Each summer, I live for the days when the leaves turn all shades of red, gold, and brown, and cascade from the trees. To be in the land of seasons again gives me no end of joy. I love to run around barefoot in the leaves and listen to their crackle. Leaves to me is […]

The Art of a Moth

Brent has a beautiful eye for capturing the essence of a photograph. This moth is perfectly framed on the pine needled covered ground at Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park. Moths are amazing. There are over 160,000 species of months, nearly ten times the number of butterflies, so sayeth Wikipedia. We love photographing moths. […]

The Spider That Thinks He’s a Flower

Many years ago, Brent VanFossen was hiking around the Olympic National Park in our favorite area of Hurricane Ridge during the beautiful alpine wild flower season. He spotted this plumb yellow crab spider poised perfectly in the middle of lupine leaves like the yellow center of a flower. It’s arms were outstretched, waiting for dinner […]

Exploring Painted Hills in Oregon

A few years ago, my mother and I went on a genealogy romp through Oregon trying to track down the records of my family. We swung out into Eastern Oregon to one of my favorite nature parks, Painted Hills. I’ve photographed it for many years. Here are a few of the choice images from that […]

Gallery: Funny Animal Faces

Children love mugging for cameras, begging to have their picture taken. Animals don’t “mug” but they do have incredibly expressive faces and we’ve collected some of our favorite funny face photographs for you to enjoy. Click on image to see large version.

Gallery: Birds

Brent has developed an almost obsession with birds. Coming to live in Israel didn't help with more than 500 bird species migrating through Israel, pausing for refreshment, rest, and a chance for Brent to get out the camera and photograph. He has photographed the birds of North America and other parts of the world with […]

Gallery: Close-ups in Nature

Sometimes we ignore the world under our feet. Spend some time with us and you will find us celebrating the small wonders found all over the world, especially those so close to home and yet so often overlooked. We hope you enjoy a few of our photographs of the small things found in nature, so […]

Gallery: Patterns in Nature

Patterns in nature are to be found everywhere you look. Diagonal lines, squares, rectangles, circles, spheres, and spirals of every kind. We teach workshops and classes on photographing patterns in nature, and we are fascinated by the amazingly diverse number of patterns, textures, and artistic joys found in nature. Click on image to see large […]

Gallery: Wild Animals

Wild things, especially wild animals, are a passion of ours. We’ve been down in the swamps of the Everglades and high in the mountains of the American and Canadian Rockies capturing the magic of wildlife on film. Click on image to see large version.

Gallery: Marketplaces of the World

As we travel, we are fascinated by all the things people buy and how the diverse items are displayed and sold. We’ve prowled the markets of Israel, Budapest, Paris, Prague, London, Madrid, and more, uncovering visual treasures offered up for sale. We hope you enjoy some of our adventures through the marketplaces of the world […]

Gallery: Doors of the World

Exploring the world of nature through our cameras, we have become more aware of the wonders of man. They say home is where the heart is, and the first impression of a good heart-filled home is the door. In an upcoming article in our Behind The Scenes category, we introduce you to the “Art of […]

Gallery: Scenics and Landscapes

There is magic and majesty in a wide sweeping landscape, the eye seeing vast distances within a small photograph frame. Landscapes and scenics continue to be the most requested photographs from nature photographers and we love capturing the drama of a vast snow-capped mountain range, fields of grasses flowing into infinity, sunset light on a […]

Gallery: Travel – International

Leaving North America for the wilds of the Middle East and the rest of the planet has opened up new horizons and discoveries. We spent five years living in Tel Aviv, Israel, and took frequent trips outside of the country to explore fascinating venues such as Istanbul, Prague, Budapest, Paris, Jordan, and Greece. In addition […]

Gallery: Travel – USA

Packing up our life into a 30 foot fifth wheel trailer, we dragged that and our cameras back and forth across North America for a couple of years, photographing the wonders as we found them. Our travels have included much of the west coast of Canada, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Alaska. Click on […]

PhotoQuilt Cards – Manmade Designs

Nature isn’t our only photographic subject. We love the designs and creations of man. These photoquilts celebrate some of the interesting manmade subjects we’ve encountered. Information on ordering these PhotoQuilt Cards will be available soon. PhotoQuilt Designs with Original Image Arab books Istanbul, Turkey Photo by Lorelle VanFossen Caesaria Aqueduct Israel Photo by Brent VanFossen […]