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We teach a variety of workshops and classes about computer software programs and the Internet, from the very basic “Introduction to the Internet” to creating web pages, websites, blogs, and more.

This category is packed with information, tips, tricks, and advice for the Internet user, helping you to improve the quality of your online experience and understand how it all works.

Living on the road, we are dependent upon the Internet to help us stay in touch while we travel through this website and modern technology.

Are You Still Paying for International Phone Calls?

According to a recent Harris Interactive/Rebtel Research Study, smart phone and web users are idiots and spending money they don’t have to call internationally. Despite the number of free web services available to make international calls, US smartphone owners are shelling out close to $37.8 billion a year to keep in touch with foreign contacts. […]

Vietnam Photographers Enjoy Online Social Networks

Vietnam News Service’s Linh Ha writes about how the “Net Gives Camera Bugs a New Playground”, highlighting the growing popularity of Vietnamese photographers and photo websites. With the development of the Internet, more and more Vietnamese photographers, professional and amateur alike, now know better ways to share their hobby with others though online communities specifically […]

Finding Wireless Internet Connections

Let’s start off this post by saying that I am not a hacker, nor do I endorse any hacking, intrusion, or illegal activity involved in getting online via wireless Internet access points. BUT as we travel, we are always on the hunt for any WIFI Internet connection we can find and we thank and bless […]

Know Before You Go: Store Digital Photographs on the Go

Today’s traveling photographer who has embraced the world of digital technology doesn’t need to worry about film going through airport security scanners or expiring. All they have to worry about is storage space. That’s right, storage space. Once limited to 36-38 photographs on a roll of film, digital photographers can now take hundreds of pictures […]

Know Before You Go: Translate Web Pages

Often, the best information about a place comes from a website written in the language of the place. You can now translate most web pages into the major languages of the world. Heading for Germany? Spain? Russia? Sweden? Want to read the news or web pages written in that language so you can find out […]

NPR Now has Feeds and Podcasting

I’m working on a new article for the site on the impact of NPR and BBC on travelers for getting access to worldwide information while traveling, so imagine my delight in discovering that NPR now offers feeds!!! AND…podcasting. Wonderful. BBC has offered feeds for a while but now NPR has embraced the modern equivalent of […]

Feeds for the Traveler and You

The term “feeds” is not about eating. It is about “feeding” you information from the web that you need to help you as you travel on the road or on the Internet. A “feed” or “webfeed” is a term for delivering summaries of web content, such as web pages, news, press releases, and other content […]

CNET – Top 10 downloads of the past 10 years

Began in 1996, when we hit the road full time, C|net’s CNET Download offers free downloads of shareware and freeware applications. They are the largest source of such software products and continue to offer us some of the best programs through their online software distribution service. Their Top 10 Downloads for the Past 10 Years […]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Well, the news is full of the news. The sixth Harry Potter book is out, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. Millions of the book are expected to be sold within the next few hours around the world. A bookstore in Canada released the book early by “mistake” and an court order was issued “banning […]

Janis Ian’s Stand for Free Music Downloading

Having grown up with the music of Janis Ian, I was delighted when my husband stumbled across an article written by her in May of 2002. The article called The Internet Debacle – An Alternative View tackles the long standing issue of the record companies vs music downloading and copying. I was ready for her […]

The Best Online Reference Sites

Looking for the best online reference sites for your studies, research, or fact finding? The Best Online Reference Sites lists a number of top reference sites on the Internet for the student or researcher or anyone looking up information and references. Examples include AskOxford, Epicurious, and Household Products Database. The list was compiled in 2004 […]

Tv-tome is now TV.com

For the past few years, as you know, I’ve been totally “out of it” when it comes to American television. By the time it came over to the Israel, the show was usually one to three years behind when they aired in the states. Or they would show the current popular trash rather than good […]

Wireless Internet – Wired US Cities

The dream of living and taking your camera on the road is exciting. We’ve been doing it for ten years now, and we had to admit, it can be very exciting. It can also be boring, but the biggest challenge for living on the road is staying in touch. When we began, cell phones were […]

Yahoo Has New PhotoMail Service

If you are sending a lot of photographs via email, for business or pleasure, you might be interested in this. Yahoo announces it is rolling out a new PhotoMail service. PhotoMail will let users insert “up to 300 digital photographs into the body of an e-mail and store an unlimited numbers of photos on the […]

30 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on the Internet

My growing dependence on the Internet as a way to stay in touch, get information, check weather reports, and be entertained has grown to an amazing obsession. Actually, it’s more like a desperate dependence. With all the information that is out there, it is overwhelming. And yet, after almost 20 years playing on the Internet […]