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There is something exciting and romantic about the thought of putting your life into a sack and hitting the road. These days, people tend to put their life in a tin box with wheels and head out on the road for fun and adventure, and a little more of the comforts of home than a sleeping bag on the ground.

Whether taking your camera on the road or just heading down the happy trail, here are some articles to help you understand more about life on the road with a trailer. Whether you are traveling with a simple travel trailer, fifth wheel, class C motorhome, and full-sized motorhome, we have some information about life on the road in a trailer to help you. For more specific information about living on the road full-time, check out the Living Zone.

Which RV to Choose for Travel and Life on the Road

I’m constantly asked which vehicle or trailer to choose when making a decision to take your camera and life on the road. My answer never varies. Here it is. There are a lot of articles out there with one view or the other on what type of recreational vehicle you should choose for travel. I’ve […]

Fixing RV Water Damage

Water damage from moisture inside and leaks outside can do amazing damage on an RV, especially an older one. Phrannie’s Handling Moisture in RVs article is a great indepth, step-by-step description of what to look for in every part and piece of your trailer, motor home, or van to stop the drips, leaks, rot, mold, […]

RV Leak Detector

One of the burdens and hassles of living in an RV is the issue of water. Water inside and water outside, and preventing water outside from coming inside. RVers Corner shows off a device for testing leaks from the inside out. They use a new machine that pressurizes the inside of the RV and fills […]

Inspecting Your New RV Before Buying

RVers Online has a great article on “So You Want to Pick It Up At The Factory” by Bob Gummersall. I think it should be the core policy for buying or picking up your new or used RV, be it trailer, motor home, or van, before you put down the money. After all, you will […]

RV parts, manuals, surplus and salvage locations

If you are looking to find trailer, motor home, or even mobile home parts, pieces, and manuals for RV refridgerators, hot water heaters, stoves, ovens, sinks, water tanks, showers, toilets, heaters, air conditioners, electrical systems, generators, and all other parts that make an RV a portable home, instead of buying new, try surplus and salvage […]

Trailer Repair – Rewriting the Knobs

It is amazing the toll heat, sun, cold, and time can do on your trailer when it sits for five years. While we were in Israel, the trailer sat in a storage yard, cleaned out and protected but not shielded by the abuse of time. Over the new few weeks, I’ll be writing more about […]

Pumping Water Everywhere

We’ve been driving for 8 hours, our butts are weary from the external throbbing of the road under our truck’s six wheels, the trailer dragging along behind us. We find a rest area, truck stop, WalMart, or anywhere we can pull in, weary beyond belief, to sleep for a few hours before we hit the […]

Latches and Broken Dishes on the Road

Jarring down Highway 10 through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, our backs were screaming from the rugged interstate. At the Louisiana border, we encountered a huge cavern that cross the entire two lane highway. There was no swerving to miss this one. As it approached, I could see the layers and layers of pavement coming at […]

Photographing Your RV

Open the scrapbook of a trailer or motor home lover and you will see a few photographs of grandchildren, friends and family, and the occasional candid picture of life on the road. Here’s a picture of Brent and me in front of the trailer in Alaska. Here is a picture of the trailer in Santa […]

The Ideal Photo Recreational Vehicle

When you take your camera on the road, everything you take with you becomes part of your photography equipment – and some items will surprise you. Did you realize that the vehicle you travel in is part of your photography equipment? It is. It holds your equipment, it gets you to and from your photographic […]

Full-Time 24-7

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. When you think about retiring early and taking off from our busy lives to travel in a trailer or motor home together, you dream of the wide open roads and chasing adventure where it leads. The last thing you consider is 24-7. Yes, twenty-four hours a day, […]

If It’s Going to Break Down, It Will Invariably Happen in a Small Town On a Saturday Night

It never fails. In fact, you can count on it. If it’s going to break down it will invariably happen in a small town on a Saturday night. Every time. The corollary is that it the greater the hurry you are in, the longer it will take to get the parts. We’ve traveled 60,000 miles […]