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Designing and developing web pages and websites from the earliest days of the web, we share some of our web page design techniques, tips, and development lessons.

If you are new to website and web page design, there is much that will help you here, but also take time to check out more articles in our Web Pages category, especially the topics of Website Development to help you start developing your website, and CSS Tips and Tricks to help you learn more about designing web pages.

If you are very new to this and you would like to use a software program that is easy-to-use, powerful, customizable, and free, check out our articles on WordPress.

Lorelle’s Three Monitors and Desk Setup

I’ve been asked to explain my three monitor setup working with Windows 8.1 (or whatever is the latest version) and my desk, the almost ideal workspace for the writer, web developer, and web publisher. My desk was designed and custom built by my husband, Brent, to fit into our trailer. It was designed for life […]

Using CSS to Create a Photo Gallery

I have quite a few examples in my CSS Experiments on showcasing your photographs, as a single image or in a gallery format, and I found a very simple, easy-to-understand explanation of how to use CSS to create a photo gallery from Web Reference. With this article I hope to show you how to produce […]

Living in an 800×600 World

My laptop’s motherboard gave up the ghost and had to be shipped out for repair. That left me with two choices: Using Brent’s laptop, or hooking up my new rebuilt server/desktop and borrowing an old monitor from a friend. I went with the latter. I’ve been living for over two weeks in an 800×600 world […]

Website Layouts – Columns and Grids

We put a lot of effort into our past layouts, and I’ve found that those trying to write a WordPress Theme or website layout from scratch has a terrible time dealing with column layouts. Mezzoblue’s article on Columns and Grids examines the standard layouts in a fascinating way, based upon a grid. They explain that […]

Views of a Web Page

Web pages aren’t viewed by everyone equally. We’ve taken one of our web pages and passed it through some tests to resize, reshape, mash, smash, shrink, expand, and mess with our design. If you are going to experiment with CSS, or even if you are just designing a simple Theme or web page layout, you […]

Revealed – Our CSS Media Styles

Part of the work involved in creating an “accessible” website includes developing Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) media references to help different media types, such as handheld computers, web page readers, and printers, handle our web page design elements. Below are some resources to get you familiar with how CSS media references work, and then we […]

Our HTML and CSS Codes – It’s All In The Details

We have a lot of small details that make our page design easy to use and pretty. Some are simple bits and pieces of style code that make things easier, such as spacers, while others are a little more sophisticated. All fill a need. Background Images – Our Header We’ve showed you the code for […]

Our HTML and CSS Codes – Our Javascripts

Javascripts are incredibly useful tools for web designers. In the right hands they can add usefulness and class to a web page design. In the wrong hands, they can be used to dance, sparkle, wiggle, and ballistically assault a viewer. Basically, javascripts are programs that run from within a web site. They can be simple […]

Our HTML and CSS Codes – Our Advanced Javascripts

We’ve looked at some of the simple scripts used within our web page design. Now we will look at some of the more complex scripts we use to create a more interactive and animated web page design and layout. [Note: We don’t use most of these javascripts any more, but we did for several years, […]

Our HTML and CSS Codes – Lists and Boxes

Web pages are not just books on the Internet. Nor are they billboards. In general, they are informational and educational papers and brochures to help people learn and gather information to make decisions. The more precise the presention of the information, the faster the user can get to the information. Lists are excellent ways to […]

Our CSS Text Designs – Fonts, Text, Links, and Headings

Our articles on web page design cover a wide range of topics, all focused on designing web pages with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). In this series, we focus on designing the smaller elements, the design elements found on a web page. You can find even more aggressive and unique designs in our CSS Experiments that […]

CSS – The Things You Need To Know

While there is a lot of information about code styles and design layouts out on the web and throughout our CSS experiments and examples, some of the smallest details can be difficult to find. One of the little bits I needed to know was about how to layout a style sheet. Where do the spaces […]

Revealed – Our HTML and CSS Codes

NOTE: As with all web pages, they are often in a state of evolution. Within a couple of months of producing these pages giving the specifications of our Website design, we made a few changes. Most of these were cosmetic, changing a background color or font. We’ll list these changes soon. In the interim, there […]

Revealed – Our Innovative Layout

Our Innovative Layout In the policy of open source code for web page design, layout and structure, we are sharing our CSS and HTML design and layout so others can learn and use what we have learned. We have a very innovative design used throughout our various web page looks and transitions and we share […]