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Designing web pages and websites from the earliest days of the web, we share some of our website development techniques, tips, and development lessons.

Developing a website is more than just creating a pretty series of web pages on a site and submitting your site to search engines. It is about “developing” the site. It is about creating a purpose and identity for your site. It is about linking and being linked to to raise your page ranking within the search engines. It is about the content, providing good quality information and words to help people learn and get the information you offer. It is about creating a site that will make people come visit, stick around, and return for more.

If you are new to website and web page design, there is much that will help you here, but also take time to check out more articles in our Web Pages category, especially the topics of Web Page Design to help you start designing your web pages, and CSS Tips and Tricks to help you learn more about designing web pages.

If you are very new to this and you would like to use a software program that is easy-to-use, powerful, customizable, and free, check out our articles on WordPress.

Lorelle’s Three Monitors and Desk Setup

I’ve been asked to explain my three monitor setup working with Windows 8.1 (or whatever is the latest version) and my desk, the almost ideal workspace for the writer, web developer, and web publisher. My desk was designed and custom built by my husband, Brent, to fit into our trailer. It was designed for life […]

Article About Us – Accessibility Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Eyes Apart: Living with strabismus, a blog by Lois, who suffers with Strabismus which causes one or both eyes to not point in the same direction at the same time. She has written a lovely article about this site, Taking Your Camera on the Road, highlighting the fact that producing a website that meets web […]

From My Kitchen Tabletop to Your Computer Laptop

In a fascinating article on SCORE, veteran catalog guru, Lillian Vernon, shares her insights about the move From My Kitchen Tabletop to Your Computer Laptop, covering the history of the Lillian Vernon Corporation and catalog from a small kitchen business to a worldwide company with millions of dollars in sales online every year. When I […]

10 Ways To Make Your Web Site Work Harder For You

SCORE offers a great article on 10 Ways To Make Your Web Site Work Harder For You. It is must read for website administrators and owners. I especially love the tip “Focus the Home Page and Product Pages on Your Customers’ Interests, Not Yours”. That’s a really good reminder. Tips include: Make Sure Your Site […]

Living in an 800×600 World

My laptop’s motherboard gave up the ghost and had to be shipped out for repair. That left me with two choices: Using Brent’s laptop, or hooking up my new rebuilt server/desktop and borrowing an old monitor from a friend. I went with the latter. I’ve been living for over two weeks in an 800×600 world […]

A New Kind of 404 Page Not Found Result

I love 404 Page Not Found error pages. Not always, but when I encounter a cute one, I enjoy it while it lasts. Did you know that there are websites dedicated to collecting 404 Page Not Found error pages? They either link to them or provide screen shots of them. They are wonderful. I’ll put […]

Views of a Web Page

Web pages aren’t viewed by everyone equally. We’ve taken one of our web pages and passed it through some tests to resize, reshape, mash, smash, shrink, expand, and mess with our design. If you are going to experiment with CSS, or even if you are just designing a simple Theme or web page layout, you […]

Step-By-Step Website Development

Today’s businesses require letterhead and envelopes, business cards, ads in the Yellow Pages, and web pages as part of their business stationary. Even if you have the smallest of businesses with a limited clientèle, a website is part of your professional arsenal to attract and keep clients. People new to the Internet or web pages […]

Step-By-Step Website Development – Check List

The following is a simplified checklist for the development and design of a Website ($ indicates potential additional fees): Development Gathering of information related to site content Website Name (Domain Name) Research Competition Researched Website Title Chosen Website Host Research Website Host Chosen and Registered $ Website Name Chosen Website Name Purchase $ Website Structure […]

Website Development and Design Form Instructions

Web Site Development Web Site Development Introduction Web Site Development Checklist Site Development Form Explanation and Instructions Web Site Development Form Web Site Structure Chart The process of beginning or redesigning a web site begins with a step-by-step process of gathering information about your web site content, information, links, format, and structure. To follow is […]

Website Development and Design Form

Complete the following questions to the best of your ability. The answers are not final and can be changed at any time during the process of developing and designing your Website. Company Information Company Name:   Address/Location:   Phone:   Fax:   Cell:   Email:   Owner Name:   Phone:   Email:   Website Support: […]

Website Structure Chart

The following sets an initial structure for your website. Imagine your website like a tree with the main branch as your first page and the related pages as branches of that tree. Typical content is included (cross off if not applicable) to help organize your site’s structure. Main Page 1. Purpose 2. Product List 3. […]

Introduction to Website Development

Got to have a web page! Don’t you? Of course you do! Everyone must have one. Well, maybe not everyone, but if you are in business or have something worthwhile to contribute to the world as a whole, then you should join those among the 4.3 billion web pages online…give or take a few. Whether […]

Start With Compliance

Before you can get your web page noticed, you have to make sure all the parts fit together and it works properly. Why? Well, in order to be seen, the page has to work. In other words, all the pieces and parts must be read by the user’s Internet browser, interpreted, and displayed upon the […]

Validating the Code Behind the Page

Checking Content Begin your web page validation by checking the content of your page. It’s actually fairly simple. Is everything spelled correctly? Are the sentences compete? Is the grammar right? While this should be done at the time of creation, after you’ve messed around with the code for a while, you often have a fresh […]