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If you decide to take your life on the road, you can choose to make that a traveling and working life. This series of articles will help you understand your options for working on the road, as a contractor or temporary worker, and add some income to your life on the road.

There are many jobs for people living in RVs, called RVers, to work full-time, part-time, or seasonally as they travel or moving from job to job and location to location. If you like the nomad lifestyle, and interested in recreational vehicle life and travel, there are many ways RV workers can make money while RVing!

Living and working on the road is a lifestyle chosen by hundreds of thousands of people. It’s the modern day migrant workers. Many companies need mobile employees, willing to go where the work is. We’ve been living and working on the road since 1996, traveling all over North America and overseas.

Letter to Those Desiring a Career in Nature and Travel Photography

On a regular basis I get emails and comments from students attracted to the photography bug. To them, photography represents the exotic, exciting, and adventurous. While there are some aspects that involve travel, adventure, and excitement, for the most part photography as a hobby is fun. Photography as a business is hard work and boring. […]

Podcasting From the Road

My business partner, Dave Moyer of Bitwire Media, WordCast, and other ventures, and I spent several weeks on the road 24/7 traveling from Chicago to Portland, Oregon, to Seattle, then Vancouver, BC, and back to Seattle, then Portland. It was non-stop movement. He was worried when it came time to do the first podcast on […]

Buying WIFI: The Greed of Expensive Hotels

I’ve been planning to write a scathing article about the high price of WIFI Internet connections at hotels, motels, and the like for a while, but I can’t compete with the brilliance of Respectful Insolence’s article, Good WIFI, Bad WIFI: Most of the hotels that I end up staying at for these meetings are pretty […]

Track Your Packages Online from One Site

Because we travel so much, when we order something online there is a paranoia that the package won’t arrive before we make the next trip. Package Mapper is a new service which combines the database information for tracking shipping from UPS, FedX, and other delivery services, with Google Maps. Enter your shipping number and the […]

Computer on the Road – Cooling Your Computer

For the most part, taking a laptop on the road is much easier than taking a desktop, but there are still many who want to take their desktop on the road with them. I’ll be talking more about how to do this, and how to protect your computer on the road, but I wanted to […]

Know Before You Go: Store Digital Photographs on the Go

Today’s traveling photographer who has embraced the world of digital technology doesn’t need to worry about film going through airport security scanners or expiring. All they have to worry about is storage space. That’s right, storage space. Once limited to 36-38 photographs on a roll of film, digital photographers can now take hundreds of pictures […]

Riding With the Urban Mappers

Amazon.com’s A9.com Project Team is mapping the United States. Riding With the Urban Mappers tells of how this team of experts developing “block-view technology” which A9.com began this spring, allowing users to “virtually stroll city streets to get directions and identify local businesses.” The group travels via two utility trucks with a video camera on […]

How to be a Short Term Worker

With the right attitude, the life as a temporary worker is exciting and refreshing. It is filled with new things and challenges every day. You have control over where and when you work. You can stay for as long as you want and leave when you want, depending upon your contract. On the flip side, […]

Tips for Temps

Having hired temporary workers and been one myself for several years, here are some of the lessons I learned, often the hard way. Keep Home at Home, Work at Work Keep personal issues at home People really don’t care if you are having a good or bad day. They don’t really care if you are […]

The Job Contract – Negotiating the Job Contract

Whether for a long or short term job position, workers usually sign a contract specifying the job descriptions, rights and responsibilities of both parties. Most of the time the company has form contracts. Other workers develop their own contracts to more specifically meet their needs. Whichever way you go, there are some basics you need […]

The Mobile Office – Excuse Me While I Answer My Shoe

The road to a successful business can be long and bumpy. If you actually take your business on the road, these bumps can be hard on your equipment, too. When planning your mobile office, you need a flexible and compact office equipment system that fits in a small space and weighs little. A computer is […]

Hook Up to Stay – Short Term Stays

Setting up your home away from home, or your home on the road, for longer than a couple weeks means establishing "temporary permanence." When you stand still for very long, especially for a job, people you work with expect to be able to find you, call you, and keep track of you. Choosing a place […]

House on Your Back, You’re Ready for Work

There is something exciting about working on the road. The view outside your window changes frequently. You meet new people every day. Living in an RV, you can sleep in your own bed each night. There are new challenges all the time. You get to see the country and expand your mental and physical horizons. […]

The Traveling Business

Making the decision to take your business on the road isn’t an easy one. It is filled with complications, red tape, life changes, and major and minor decisions which can overwhelm you unless you are prepared. First, you must decide if your business qualifies as a mobile one, then think of all the things your […]

The Traveling Employee

Millions of people are hired by companies with travel written right into the job description. For many this means racking up airline frequent flyer miles as high as the sky. For others, traveling can be done more slowly, making RVing a realistic choice. There is something wonderful to be said about sleeping in the same […]