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Once you have a good collection of photographic images that you think are “worth something”, many photographers decide that it’s time for all that expensive equipment to start paying for itself. Few hobbies in the world attract so many people who want to make money with their efforts than photography.

If you are ready to turn your photography hobby into a business, we have several series of articles to help you get started. You will learn what it takes to become a pro, what the market looks like, how to store and inventory your images, what a publisher or photo buyer is looking for and how to help them get your best images, how to network and promote your photography business, and more.

The Future of Photography

In “Where the Photo Industry is Going in Five Years,” Chris Gampat talks about the future of photography. “The industry and the state of technology is evolving or developing so quickly I frankly cannot guess what will be five years from now. I am not certain if you’d asked me this during January 2014 I […]

Letter to Those Desiring a Career in Nature and Travel Photography

On a regular basis I get emails and comments from students attracted to the photography bug. To them, photography represents the exotic, exciting, and adventurous. While there are some aspects that involve travel, adventure, and excitement, for the most part photography as a hobby is fun. Photography as a business is hard work and boring. […]

Wedding Photographers Need a Permit to Photograph in US National Parks

According to USAToday, Washington Post, among others, the US National Park Service will break a long running tradition and will be charging for wedding photographer in their national parks. Permits will be required as well. The new policy took effect on May 15 of this year and requires professional photographers to pay $50 to $250 […]

What Can You Photograph and What Can You Publish

James Stephens’s post, “Where and What You Can Photograph – Aspects of the Law”, points to some really good articles discussing the legal issues and rights of where you can photograph, what you can photograph, and what images can be published. They are: USA Today – New digital camera? Know how, where you can use […]

Using CSS to Create a Photo Gallery

I have quite a few examples in my CSS Experiments on showcasing your photographs, as a single image or in a gallery format, and I found a very simple, easy-to-understand explanation of how to use CSS to create a photo gallery from Web Reference. With this article I hope to show you how to produce […]

CD Storage for Images Now Not a Good Idea

If you have been storing your digital photographic images on CDs, think again. There is new news from Computer World that says CDs aren’t good for archival storage. The problem is material degradation. Optical discs commonly used for burning, such as CD-R and CD-RW, have a recording surface consisting of a layer of dye that […]

Can You Present a Program Worthy of a Standing Ovation

Okay, I’m about to brag. I just wanted to warn you. As a long time public speaker and public figure, I’ve been honored to receive a lot of standing ovations. There is nothing like the first couple of times when people suddenly jump to their feet, hands clapping or waving over their heads, and shouts […]


Photoblogs are blogs dedicated to photography, but not usually a discussion of photography tips and techniques, but a showcase of photographers’ photography. An online gallery of photographs. You can find a lot of photoblogs at Photoblogs.org sorted by popularity, language, and more. Also check out The Photoblogs Blog for more information on how this works […]

Got Meme? How to Attract Clients and Customers Attention

Effective marketing memes focus on a specific clientele and a solution, or better yet a common client problem. For example, “I help independent professionals attract more clients,” identifies a market and a client problem. It also invites the follow up question “How?” FedEx grew their now billion dollar business with the meme, “When it absolutely, […]

Book Industry Choosing Green

In a surprising bit of news, USATODAY.com reports authors are insisting on “Green” printing methods for books. It says “a small and growing number of authors are asking publishers to print their books on environmentally friendly paper.” Authors are not only pushing their publishers and having it written in the contract to use recycled materials […]

Slides and Transparencies: Sleeve It

While a lot of professional photographers are going digital, don’t forget to take care of your original slide images when you send them off for publishing. Photo buyers are still accepting original images. Protect your images by enclosing them in individual plastic sleeves. These crystal clear, archival plastic sleeves slide over your transparencies and protect […]

10 Simple Ways to Lower Your Computer Support Bills

I adore the Small Business Administration (SBA) and SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) informational services. Here is a great example of the help they provide from SCORE. 10 Simple Ways to Lower Your Computer Support Bills by Joshua Feinberg is an article offering 10 tips for what to do BEFORE you call for technical […]

From My Kitchen Tabletop to Your Computer Laptop

In a fascinating article on SCORE, veteran catalog guru, Lillian Vernon, shares her insights about the move From My Kitchen Tabletop to Your Computer Laptop, covering the history of the Lillian Vernon Corporation and catalog from a small kitchen business to a worldwide company with millions of dollars in sales online every year. When I […]

Writer’s Digests 101 Best Websites for Writers

Writer’s Digest is one of the best all-around magazines for writers. It covers a wide variety of topics and writing genre, helping the writer not only to write better, but find the markets they need to sell their work. Each year, Writer’s Digest puts out their “Best of” series and their 101 Best Websites for […]

Six Steps to Get Slightly Famous

When it comes to marketing yourself and your business, thinking outside of the box helps. In this article from SCORE, Six Steps to Get “Slightly Famous”, the author covers topics similar to the ones we cover in our articles on networking. The key is to rethink your marketing and networking stradegies to be known for […]