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A critical part of any business is the process of networking. Marketing, promotion, publicity, word-of-mouth, establishing a reputation, getting known, advertising…all of these are part of the networking process. Spreading the word about who you are, what you do, and how you can help to customers and clients.

This series of articles is aimed at promoting the nature photographer, but it can be used for any business, product, or service. If you want to get known as an expert, in whatever field or study, then this articles will help you.

Can You Present a Program Worthy of a Standing Ovation

Okay, I’m about to brag. I just wanted to warn you. As a long time public speaker and public figure, I’ve been honored to receive a lot of standing ovations. There is nothing like the first couple of times when people suddenly jump to their feet, hands clapping or waving over their heads, and shouts […]

Got Meme? How to Attract Clients and Customers Attention

Effective marketing memes focus on a specific clientele and a solution, or better yet a common client problem. For example, “I help independent professionals attract more clients,” identifies a market and a client problem. It also invites the follow up question “How?” FedEx grew their now billion dollar business with the meme, “When it absolutely, […]

Six Steps to Get Slightly Famous

When it comes to marketing yourself and your business, thinking outside of the box helps. In this article from SCORE, Six Steps to Get “Slightly Famous”, the author covers topics similar to the ones we cover in our articles on networking. The key is to rethink your marketing and networking stradegies to be known for […]

Networking – Casting Your Net-work

“How are you?” “Fine. You?” “Fine.” End of conversation. Oh, yeah, there’s the babble about the weather and the latest sports scores, but the conversation often dies right after the last “fine”. Networking is about talking. Talking about what you are doing. Without talking about what you’re doing, no one knows what you’re doing. How […]

Networking – Ten Words or Less – Form

Print and fill out this form to help you create a mission statement and introduction describing your photography business and style in “ten words or less”. A. List all the words that describe your photography and/or your photography business   B. Whom do you want to sell your work to? (List as many as you […]

It’s What You Do, Not Just Who You Are

So you’re a famous photographer. Great. So what do you do? What you do speaks more about you than who you are. Being recognized for your actions carries more weight than just being a damn fine photographer. Being recognized as “someone” doesn’t happen by accident. You get “famous” for what you do with your life […]

Carded: May I have your card, please?

Without a doubt, one of the most effective marketing tools to invest in is a business card. When you make those networking connections, your business cards become road maps for people to track you down. It’s amazing what impact a 3 1/2 x 2 inch card can have. It’s a tiny billboard, and an amazingly […]

Business Card Design Tips

Business cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are the regular single-sided cards. A two-sided business card allows more space to get it all in. Fold-over cards provide the space of four cards in one. When considering a format for your business card, think about your “audience.” How will they use and […]