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Are you interested in starting to sell your photography? Worried about whether or not it should be in film or digital media format? Don’t know where to start or how to set up your photography business?

This series of articles will help you understand a little more about the photography market, especially the nature and travel photography market, and how to begin to sell your work to magazines, websites, and more.

Letter to Those Desiring a Career in Nature and Travel Photography

On a regular basis I get emails and comments from students attracted to the photography bug. To them, photography represents the exotic, exciting, and adventurous. While there are some aspects that involve travel, adventure, and excitement, for the most part photography as a hobby is fun. Photography as a business is hard work and boring. […]

What Can You Photograph and What Can You Publish

James Stephens’s post, “Where and What You Can Photograph – Aspects of the Law”, points to some really good articles discussing the legal issues and rights of where you can photograph, what you can photograph, and what images can be published. They are: USA Today – New digital camera? Know how, where you can use […]

Can You Present a Program Worthy of a Standing Ovation

Okay, I’m about to brag. I just wanted to warn you. As a long time public speaker and public figure, I’ve been honored to receive a lot of standing ovations. There is nothing like the first couple of times when people suddenly jump to their feet, hands clapping or waving over their heads, and shouts […]


Photoblogs are blogs dedicated to photography, but not usually a discussion of photography tips and techniques, but a showcase of photographers’ photography. An online gallery of photographs. You can find a lot of photoblogs at Photoblogs.org sorted by popularity, language, and more. Also check out The Photoblogs Blog for more information on how this works […]

Slides and Transparencies: Sleeve It

While a lot of professional photographers are going digital, don’t forget to take care of your original slide images when you send them off for publishing. Photo buyers are still accepting original images. Protect your images by enclosing them in individual plastic sleeves. These crystal clear, archival plastic sleeves slide over your transparencies and protect […]

Photographer’s Rights

If you are a photographer in the UK, there is now a UK Photographers Rights Document available in PDF form to guide you through the ins and outs of the laws and restrictions of photography in England. The UK Photographers Rights PDF is intended to provide a short UK guide to the main legal restrictions […]

Digital Prose

The editorial writer used to be limited to newspapers, magazines, and books, but now the world of the Web has opened up to all things written. As one of the first nature photographers with an online column, I’ve seen the technology and arena for online writing expand and bloat. The bloat comes from the fact […]

Yahoo Has New PhotoMail Service

If you are sending a lot of photographs via email, for business or pleasure, you might be interested in this. Yahoo announces it is rolling out a new PhotoMail service. PhotoMail will let users insert “up to 300 digital photographs into the body of an e-mail and store an unlimited numbers of photos on the […]

Meeting the Market Needs – Editing Your Photographic Images

Let Your Photographs Talk Not long ago a friend published his first article in a travel magazine. I called to compliment him on the great article and wonderful photographs. He amazed me by telling me the editor didn’t print the photographs he wanted. Dismayed, I asked, “Why did you send photographs you didn’t want published?” […]

The Writer-Photographer – Enhance Your Story with Photos

Telling a Story Words tell their own story. They bring forth rhyme and reason, color attitudes, and move people. Combining the power of the visual image with the verbal image can either enhance your story or overpower it. Finding that happy medium is the challenge facing every writer handed a story requiring photographs. Like words, […]

How to Succeed in the Business of Nature Photography

Making $$ Doing What Comes Nature-ly? You’ve spent a lot of money on equipment, classes, trips, film and processing. This hobby should start paying you back, right? Thinking about turning your hobby of photography into a business? The photography business is just like any other business – it’s a real business. You need to get […]

A Visit With a Publisher – Understanding the Editor, Photo Editor, and the Job

While traveling on the road full-time, we got a chance to spend a couple days with one of our publishers. What we learned from those few days reflects the same things we hear from publishers and editors around the world. The most important thing we learned, which you will hear over and over, is this: […]