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Reduce Digital Noise in Digital Images

Photo.net has an interesting article on “Using Image Calibration to Reduce Noise in Digital Images” that is worth a read. While it is fairly dry, written more for academic purposes than get-to-the-point help, it still brings up some good tips and points worth understanding when using digital images. I believe that understanding the sources of […]

Take digital photos from a kite

We do our best to bring you information related to the photography equipment and techniques you need to know when you take your camera on the road. And then we run across something like this which gives a whole new meaning to “camera on the road”. Actually, it’s “camera on a kite”. Engadet’s how to […]

Digital Editing – Photo Journalist Frankly Discuss Ethics

It should have began when Ansel Adams and his predecessors in photography first learned how to manipulate film in the darkroom to enhance or change the reality recorded on film. I’m sure there were hot debates back then, but for the past 20 years, the debate over digital editing has torn whole groups apart. The […]

Digital Prose

The editorial writer used to be limited to newspapers, magazines, and books, but now the world of the Web has opened up to all things written. As one of the first nature photographers with an online column, I’ve seen the technology and arena for online writing expand and bloat. The bloat comes from the fact […]

Know Before You Go: Store Digital Photographs on the Go

Today’s traveling photographer who has embraced the world of digital technology doesn’t need to worry about film going through airport security scanners or expiring. All they have to worry about is storage space. That’s right, storage space. Once limited to 36-38 photographs on a roll of film, digital photographers can now take hundreds of pictures […]

Digital Photography and Imaging Magazines

Getting into digital photography? Enjoy! There are a lot of magazines and resources coming up for digital photography. Even some of the traditional magazines like Popular Photography and Shutterbug are turning towards digital photography. Technology in digital photography and imaging is changing rapidly. Sometimes it hard to keep up with all the changes. Websites that […]

Digital camera sales in Asia surge to record 10.6 million units in 2004

According to a news report republished on Yahoo News, Digital camera sales in Asia surge to record 10.6 million units in 2004. The article states that outside of Japan, sales of digital cameras is up almost 40 percent from the previous year. It seems that the majority of the demand for digital cameras is mostly […]