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Part of travel and nature photography involves learning more about the subjects you photograph and the stories behind them. In our Natural Wanders category, we highlight the tips and advice you need to know about photographing specific subjects and locations.
In our Nature News category here, we offer tips, resources, and general information on a wide range of subjects related to nature, wildlife, climate, environment, ecology, and habitat to help you learn even more about nature and the subjects you are photographing.

Vietnam Photographers Enjoy Online Social Networks

Vietnam News Service’s Linh Ha writes about how the “Net Gives Camera Bugs a New Playground”, highlighting the growing popularity of Vietnamese photographers and photo websites. With the development of the Internet, more and more Vietnamese photographers, professional and amateur alike, now know better ways to share their hobby with others though online communities specifically […]

Oxygen Starved Dead Zone on the Oregon Coast Larger Than Ever

The KGW News in Oregon, reports that the “Oregon Coast Dead Zone is Bigger Than Ever Before”, explaining: The “dead zone” off Oregon’s coast is back — larger, thicker, and more lethal than ever. For the fifth year in a row, scientists have witnessed thousands of sea creatures dying in the Pacific Ocean. This year, […]

Jeff Master’s Review on Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming

I haven’t seen it, but Jeff Master’s review of “An Inconvenient Truth”, the Al Gore movie, seems a good and fair review of not just the movie, but the environmental impact and sciences behind the truth about global warming. The science presented is mostly good, and at times compelling, but there are a few errors […]

Wedding Photographers Need a Permit to Photograph in US National Parks

According to USAToday, Washington Post, among others, the US National Park Service will break a long running tradition and will be charging for wedding photographer in their national parks. Permits will be required as well. The new policy took effect on May 15 of this year and requires professional photographers to pay $50 to $250 […]

Using Window Design To Protect Birds from Collisions With Windows

Treehugger offers information on “Using Window Design To Protect Birds”, a new technology which will help to protect birds from flying into your windows. I was delighted to find this as I am currently staying with my mother and the bedroom has a view window out the backyard where she’s put a large bird feeder […]

Cancer Cell Photograph Wins Nikon Small World Competiton

BBC News announces a “Cancer cell image wins top award” in an international photography contest. Dr Paul Andrews, from the University of Dundee, won one of the prestigious awards from the Nikon Small World Competition The School of Life Sciences researcher took the photo using a digital deconvolution microscope. A university spokesman said understanding the […]

The Power of 1000 Suns

Imagine. Collecting the power of 1000 suns to generate electricity in something the size of an old satellite radio dish? Well, experiments are underway in Israel to test such a device. Israel’s National Solar Energy Center will start testing a 400 square meter (4,300 sq ft) solar collecting dish, the big dish, capable of achieving […]

Standby Mode Wasting Energy

The Economist reports “Pulling the Plug on Standby” will help save billions of dollars in electrical costs. Strange though it seems, a typical microwave oven consumes more electricity powering its digital clock than it does heating food. For while heating food requires more than 100 times as much power as running the clock, most microwave […]

Thinking Green a Hot Topic in the UK and Europe

A favorite website of mine is called Tree Hugger and it is constantly updated with “tree hugger” news, news that comes with a techno-meets-eco theme. Here is one prime example that got me thinking. Something is happening in the UK that we are missing in North America. Where we are all single issue types, worried […]

Count a Bird, Plant a Tree: Rebuilding Nature After Hurricane Katrina

This year’s Great Backyard Bird Count from the Audubon Society and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology will be bigger, better, and more exciting than ever. People all over the United States will go out into their backyards, parks, and nearby nature areas to count the birds on February 17-20, 2006. Parents will help children, bird […]

Glass Windows Generate Solar Power

XsunX announces innovative solar technology that will allow glas windows to produce electricty from the sun. Called “Power Glass”, it is still in the product development and testing phase and expected to move into production soon. Power Glass – an innovative solar technology that allows glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the […]

Mount Everest Shrinks 12 Feet

Time to change your trivia contest facts about Mount Everest. It’s shrunk. But only by 12 feet (3.658 meters). According to Benjamin Robertson in the Scotsman News, “Mount Everest shrinks by 12 feet”. MOUNT Everest is about 12ft lower than previously thought, according to the results of a Chinese survey of the world’s highest peak. […]

Arctic Village Resident Blogging Against Drilling for Oil in the Arctic Refuge

Gwich’in Arctic Village Resident Matthew Gilbert is Blogging on the Arctic Refuge for the NRDC Action Fund to stop drilling for oil. A resident of the Alaskan community which borders the Arctic Refuge, Gilbert is speaking out against the House and Senate “budget resolution” to begin the process of drilling for oil in the Arctic […]

Great White Shark Migration

According to a report in BBC Science News’ Great white’s marathon sea trek, conservationists and scientists investigating how far great white sharks migrate, found some of them migrate from South African to Mozambiquan territorial waters. …Ramon Bonfil of the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York, US, and colleagues were stunned by the epic journey of […]

Arctic Ice Cap Will Disappear Within The Century

According to an article in the Telegraph UK – Arctic ice cap ‘will disappear within the century’: The Arctic ice cap is on track to disappear within a century, according to a study published yesterday. The satellite survey by the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC), and the space agency Nasa reveals that […]