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If you are a nature photographer, or want to be, you quickly learn that nature can be your best friend and enemy when it comes to nature photography.

Nature photography involves nature. Nature means going outside. When you step outside the protected environment of a building, you are exposing yourself to weather.

This series of articles explores how to photograph in different kinds of weather conditions, from horrid heat to freezing cold. It also offers information, techniques and tips for maximizing and taking advantage of the weather to create dramatic nature photography.

Snow on the Road

I love driving in the snow. Yeah, I know that most people freak out, but I’ve always been calm and cool when driving in winter conditions, even extreme. I know what I’m doing and I have total confidence in my abilities. What I don’t have confidence in are the other people. I was thrilled when […]

Weather Bonk – Weather With Google Maps

Incorporating Google Maps with weather reporting, Weather Bonk offers another way of weather watching. Weather Bonk lets you view real time weather information on a map. This can provide some very interesting information, particularly in areas with microclimates, such as San Francisco. For example, summer in San Francisco can be particularly cold and foggy, and […]

Weatherbug RSS Feed

Just went I thought it was time to relax, Hurricane Wilma is threatening our shores again. It is just about to hit the Yucatan, blasting away at Cozumel and Cancun, and already the weather radio has been going off for two days warning of high surf and shore erosion and possible flooding. Brent and I […]

Know Before You Go: Weather Information and Resources

Weather affects the nature photographer and travler by either offering dramatic weather situations and light to photograph in, or by hampering the excursion. Either way, you need to get out in the weather if outdoor and nature photography is your passion. We have some articles to help you with photographing weather and photographing “in the […]

Winter Whites and Cold Blues

Winter Whites You are standing out in the freezing cold, looking for that award-winning snow scenic, but what do you do with all that white? We can understand protecting ourselves from the cold, but how about protecting our exposure from the elements? Winter weather brings a variety of photographic opportunities, though most of them are […]

Hot Tips for Hot Shots

Hot Shots! Camera and film purchases soar during the summer months. People take more pictures during the summer, especially on vacation, than at any other time except Christmas. Examine their photos and see people standing in front of national monuments and tourist locales squinting back at the camera. Nature photographers, and even portrait photographers, long […]

Weather or Not – Planning for the Weather

When you get ready for your next great traveling adventure, no matter how hard you research and plan, remember that the weather almost never cooperates. It will either be sunny when you want it cloudy, or vise versa. In nature photography weather opens the door to creativity and endless possibilities. Planning for light All About […]

Splish Splash – Photography in the Rain

Splish Splash Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion…but when the rain starts pouring, even the bravest of photographers runs and hides. Nothing can be more miserable than working in the rain. Or so we let everyone think! As long time residents of Washington state, […]