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While I write a lot about writing on blogs on Lorelle on WordPress, you can also find articles here on writing tips and techniques. As a long time editorial writer and journalist, I’ll share with you some of the writing techniques and styles I’ve used to help tell our stories and articles.

Alligator Feeding Frenzy

It was feeding time at the Alligator Farm in Saint Augustine, Florida, and we were there to capture the excitement. Brent slowed down the shutter speed a little and increased the depth of field by closing down the aperture to capture the blur of motion as the alligators spun and twisted over their meaty dinners […]

Blogging Tips Book: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging

The following is the press release and announcement of my newest book, Blogging Tips.

Writing I’m Most Proud of in 2005

As a professional writer, writing on a wide variety of topics, I posted this article and list of the my favorite articles that I wrote in 2005 on my other website, Lorelle on WordPress, and I thought I’d share it here. But before I do, I wanted to say that of the writing I’ve done […]

Writer’s Digests 101 Best Websites for Writers

Writer’s Digest is one of the best all-around magazines for writers. It covers a wide variety of topics and writing genre, helping the writer not only to write better, but find the markets they need to sell their work. Each year, Writer’s Digest puts out their “Best of” series and their 101 Best Websites for […]

Going Extinct: The Writers Bump

Did you know that the Writer’s Bump is about to become extinct? I hadn’t thought about this in years and was tickled to learn of the Writer’s Bump being threatened. And what is threatening it? The computer, of course. For those who don’t know (people under the age of 25), the Writer’s Bump or callous […]

Digital Prose

The editorial writer used to be limited to newspapers, magazines, and books, but now the world of the Web has opened up to all things written. As one of the first nature photographers with an online column, I’ve seen the technology and arena for online writing expand and bloat. The bloat comes from the fact […]

Writing and Writers Magazines

We write all the time, about photography, travel, adventure, life on the road, life in general, interviews, all kinds of subjects. We keep up with what is going on in the writing world through magazines about writing. Here are some of our favorite resources. We have now made it easier for you to get these […]

Photography and Writing: It’s about what you don’t see

The ad for the NPR Wall Calendar caught my attention recently. NPR asked famous artists the question: “What does NPR look like to you?” The calendar features their artistic results. Now, think about that. What DOES NPR look like? NPR is sound coming across the radio. It doesn’t have a “look”. It has a “hear” […]

Writing Advice: Traveling Through Books

Your writing is not the only writing to be inspired by travel. As a travel writer, take time to learn from others how they described an adventure or area, from the ancient classics to modern works. There are a ton of books about travel that are now in the public domain and available in digital […]

Writing Advice: Talking About the Weather

Describing the weather is a hard cold fact for any writer, no matter what genre they work in. No matter where you are, inside or out, you are affected by the weather, as are the people and places you write about. Finding the words to describe the temperature, weather, and impact of the two upon […]

Pen on the Road: Travel Writing and Photography

Part of the joy of writing about travel is sharing the knowledge gained from the experience, especially if it is novel – or at least expressed in a new way. Preparing a travel article, consider all the information you’ve gathered in your research before you even hit the road, then, as you travel, what bits […]

Travel Magazines for Travel Photographers and Writers

As writing photographers who travel, it is part of our daily effort in learning more about travel, travel writing, and travel photography to study the various travel magazines. We get all kinds of ideas of where to go and the perspective of those who have gone before us. Here are some of the magazines that […]

Books on the Business of Writing

If you are a writer and photographer, you have a more complicated job. You not only have to learn about the business of photography, you have to learn about the business of writing. Here are some books we recommend to help you handle the business end of writing. The Writers Market If you are serious […]

Gutenberg’s Pictures and Stories: Help for Writers, Photographers, and Artists

The Gutenberg Litegraphic Society has launched Picturesandstories.org, a part of the non-profit organization’s service offerings for writers, photographers and artists. You can find information to help get published, how to protect intellectual property, and help to expand your writing skills and techniques. The goal of the site, according to Society Co-Founder Bill Kilpack, is: …to […]

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Oh, wow, I should have looked before, but…well, I finally found the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America website. It provides news and information about Science Fiction and Fantasy writing and authors. It also has news of the Nebula and Andre Norton Awards, something that often guides us in our new book purchase decisions. […]