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In 1999, Brent got a job offer to work in Israel for a six month contract, and we jumped at the chance to take our life on the road overseas. Little did we realize that it would involve five years of stress and adventure and encompass the millennium, the beginning of the Intifada, the attack of September 11, war with Iraq, and end with the death of Arafat. Quite a five year ride in the history of the world.

Here are some of our stories about life in Israel that we hope you enjoy.

Still Alive. Can’t Think of Anything Else to Write.

The email was titled “STILL ALIVE” in capital letters. The email consisted of this single message: Can’t think of anything else to write. Earlier reports from my best friend in Israel described the two, one 90 and the other almost 80 years old and still active, getting short notice to get out of their buildings […]

Invitation to Hebrew and Arabic Bloggers to Blog for Free on WordPress.com

As many of you know, I’ve been working with WordPress on a variety of projects, including testing and publishing on WordPress.com with Lorelle on WordPress, and I’d like to extend an invitation to all my Hebrew and Arabic speaking friends to blog about their experiences, opinions, and perspectives on current events (and other things) on […]

Coming Home to Find War

My apologizes to all of my friends in the Middle East for not getting through to you sooner. I’ve been traveling extensively these past few weeks, crisscrossing the United States again, and this week found me in tons of airports and long car rides without much Internet connection nor news information. To all of my […]

Jerusalem: Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, also known as the Tomb of Christ, is one of the most holy of holy sites in the world. It is recognized by most religions, though argued over, as the site where Jesus was crucified and buried. It is “owned” by four religions which maintain the structure as best […]

Photographing and Exploring Jerusalem

Exploring the Old City of Jerusalem means going back through time. Not just back but down through the layers of time. A city conquered, crushed, rebuilt, conquered and crushed, then rebuilt again and again and again, visitors to Jerusalem relive the adventure by touring the many layers of history which remain. Many recent archeological discoveries […]

I Asked for Rain, Didn’t I?

I know I asked for rain. All those years – okay, months on end – waiting for a drip or two from the sky. Dark clouds hanging overhead, a little thunder, sparks of lightning, okay, that’s asking for too much. All I asked for was rain. Just a little rain. I forgot that the Great […]

Complaint Against ipowerweb Web Site Host – Bad HTML Editor

I thought I would post this complaint I’ve posted to my new web site hosts, ipowerweb, publicly so that all could be warned. The odds are that they will “take this under advisement” and not do anything, but it is important that you, either the current customer or potential customer, should be warned. While I […]

Arriving in Tulsa – Start of a new life?

We made all the connections for our flight with ease, enjoying the new Tel Aviv airport for only the 20 minutes it took to get on the airplane. It’s a lovely airport, though. Matches much of the airports we’ve visited, so it doesn’t look any different. Somehow I thought it would “look” more Israeli, a […]

WordPress Plugins and Add-ons

I’ve been digging into the various options and gizmos associated with using WordPress for blogging. I’m amazed at the incredible work done by so many to advance this free software. Seriously swift folks are battling away at spammers, and pumping up the capabilities of WordPress for everyone. And they are all so willing to share […]

Setting Up Multiple POP3 Accounts

We are starting the steps to switch over to our domain’s email services and that involves setting up POP3 Accounts through Outlook Express. The setting up process is fairly easy, though you do have to make sure that the SERVER, My Account Requires Authentication is checked or unchecked, depending upon your server’s requirements. There are […]

Arafat is Dead

November 4, 2004 Well, the news is fluctuating back and forth. Dead. Not dead. Dead. Not dead. Clinically dead. Means not dead. Dead. Not dead. Either way, good riddance to bad rubbish. I know Arafat wanted to go out with martyr’s bang, a target of Israeli aggression, assassination, some spectacular event where he dies facing […]

Dismissing Hotmail

I’ve given it a lot of thought and finally made a radical decision to blow out (over time, of course) our hotmail accounts. They have been very useful for a long time as they have been free and easy to access from any where in the world as we travel. Our web site email has […]

Weblog Studies and Woes

Today the count of spam in my three day old weblog with WordPress is 183. I have installed the spam words filter and spaminator, and these help, but STILL!!! I think these are the left overs from the day before that I haven’t cleaned out of my blog email inbox. So far, WordPress’s Edit Comments […]

Counting Up the Cost of Moving, Part 1

Okay, so far we have spent USD $660 for shipping 12 boxes of critical stuff. We’ve bought several batches of bubble wrap, probably totally around $50 worth and we will need some more before this is over. We also have gone through about six rolls of packing tape, at probably $3 a roll which adds […]

Back from the Post Office

I just got back from the post office in part one of our move back to the states. I figure that I should keep a record of how this all works so I can remember, and others can learn from our misery. We have to have some things in Tulsa when we arrive for our […]