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I Hate It When He’s Right

Twenty years ago, I told Brent that I didn’t think I could ever be happier or more in love. I was terrified that the love wouldn’t last, that no one should have the right to be so happy for very long. It’s a rule in my family. There are no equal parts love and joy […]

Tree House

Traveling around the Oregon countryside during the Lavender Festival, I found this amazing tree house soaring up into the forest ceiling. It was around the McMinnville area and also featured a whole survival boot camp layout with a rope and board tree-to-tree bridge, tires to climb through and over, and other obstacle courses. I’ve always […]

The Littles: Minature Donkeys in Snow

Living at the farm in Gaston, Oregon, our lives revolved around the animals. Every morning I was greeted with honks and haws from the four Littles, a family of miniature donkeys. Owned and managed (okay, their food slave) by Leslie, mom, dad, and two children were the rock stars of the farm. Karina was the […]