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Since early childhood, Brent and Lorelle VanFossen have traveled the world. When they met, they decided to take their life on the road and explore it even more. Along the way, cameras in hand, they discovered more about themselves and each other, and about the world than they could share in another lifetime. In this category, they share their experiences, stories, tips, and techniques for taking your camera on the road.

Exploring Tokyo, Japan

Brent was in Japan for a work project this spring for a couple months. These are a few of the images from his trip.

Visiting the Doctor Who Shop Vicariously

My new friend, Janet of Janet’s Notebook’s, visited The Isle of Wight and the Doctor Who store there recently and sent me scrapbook virtual postcards of her trip. Please forgive the indulgence as I share them with you and preserve them here so I can look at them forever! As a major Doctor Who fan, […]

My Not-So Secret Passon for Tea

I’ve always been a tea nut. Not just any old tea, but exploring all parts of tea – my own way of tea. I first explored tea through the herbals, seeking improvements in health and energy. Along the way I ran into the legends of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and other history, recipes, and ceremonies around […]

Exploring Painted Hills in Oregon

A few years ago, my mother and I went on a genealogy romp through Oregon trying to track down the records of my family. We swung out into Eastern Oregon to one of my favorite nature parks, Painted Hills. I’ve photographed it for many years. Here are a few of the choice images from that […]

Snow on the Road

I love driving in the snow. Yeah, I know that most people freak out, but I’ve always been calm and cool when driving in winter conditions, even extreme. I know what I’m doing and I have total confidence in my abilities. What I don’t have confidence in are the other people. I was thrilled when […]

Fecking Travel Today

Bill Morton of Australia sent me this wonderful video link. Fascinating Aïda is a three-woman satirical cabaret act from the UK. This is video from their popular “Cheap Flights” song describing what you really get when you buy a cheap flight online. It so sums up my travel life in so many ways. With almost […]

Which RV to Choose for Travel and Life on the Road

I’m constantly asked which vehicle or trailer to choose when making a decision to take your camera and life on the road. My answer never varies. Here it is. There are a lot of articles out there with one view or the other on what type of recreational vehicle you should choose for travel. I’ve […]

Man Finishes 11 Years Walking Around the World – Just Because He Could

Walking for eleven years around the world, Jean Beliveau is about to return home to Montreal. Beliveau left Montreal on the day of his 45th birthday, August 18, 2000, after his small sign business went bankrupt. He decided to run around the world to try to escape that painful episode in his life. Archambault and […]

What Is In Your Emergency Kit?

With Southern California out with no electricity, homes burning up in Texas, tornadoes across the country, devastating heat waves, much of the Northeast under water (and more water), earthquakes, and the threat of terrorism in New York and Washington DC (which means it could happen anywhere), are you ready? Is your emergency kit been inspected, […]

A Stolen Purse Leads to Crime Ring and Tips for Security Online and Off

On Lorelle on WordPress, I just published Security and Protection: Understand the Social in a Crime Network and How to Protect Yourself, an article that shares the story of how my purse was stolen recently, and the fascinating story of how the thief was caught, my role in the catching, and what I learned about […]

Ye Old Curiosity Shop in Seattle

Ye Old Curiosity Shop along the Seattle waterfront at Pier 54 has been a touch stone for me growing up. I visited often as a child and loved heading over there when I was working across the street from the Seattle Ferries. Returning to Seattle recently, I was delighted to return to a favorite landmark […]

The Troll Under the Aurora Bridge, Seattle

I lived for many years on the north point of the Aurora Bridge in downtown Seattle, Washington. In 1990, neighborhood arts programs brought a long time childhood bedtime story – or threat – to life under the bridge. Growing up as a native of Washington, specifically Seattle, parents threatened their children with punishment from the […]

How Travelers Waste Money on the Road

Fodors offers “8 Ways Travelers Waste Money on the Road”, which offers some good basic tips: Not reading the fine print on the credit card for foreign transaction fees. Avoiding hotel websites – online prices can be cheaper. Travel only during high seasons – off season can save you money. Renting cars – use your […]

Will the EU Ban Smoking?

According to the International News Tribune, the health chief of the EU recommends a smoking ban for the European Union countries. The European Union’s health chief urged all countries in the bloc Tuesday to prohibit smoking in public places, following bans in Ireland, Italy and Sweden. Banning smoking in places like bars, restaurants and the […]

UK Flights Hit With Another Tax Increase for Pollution

BBC News reports an air tax increase for all flights from the UK. Laws doubling the amount of passenger duty people pay when taking flights from the UK have come into force. The increase was announced by Chancellor Gordon Brown last December. He said airlines should pay more for damaging the environment. Hundreds of thousands […]