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If you are considering taking your camera on the road, for a weekend or a lifetime, we have information and tips to help you.

Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? Do you have a plan? How are you going to travel? By planes, trains, and automobiles? What about renting a motorhome or car? What should you pack? How are you going to make it through the new airport check-ins, security check points, xrays, inspections, searches, and baggage restrictions?

What do you need to know before you go, before you hit the road? Based upon our experience living on the road full-time for over 10 years, with plenty of years of extensive traveling before that, we have a lot of tips, information, resources, and the help you need for planning for the road and taking your camera on the road.

If you are interested in living on the road full-time like us, well, we have the information you need to help make those full-time decisions, including information on working on the road and staying in touch on the road.

Exploring Tokyo, Japan

Brent was in Japan for a work project this spring for a couple months. These are a few of the images from his trip.

Fecking Travel Today

Bill Morton of Australia sent me this wonderful video link. Fascinating Aïda is a three-woman satirical cabaret act from the UK. This is video from their popular “Cheap Flights” song describing what you really get when you buy a cheap flight online. It so sums up my travel life in so many ways. With almost […]

Which RV to Choose for Travel and Life on the Road

I’m constantly asked which vehicle or trailer to choose when making a decision to take your camera and life on the road. My answer never varies. Here it is. There are a lot of articles out there with one view or the other on what type of recreational vehicle you should choose for travel. I’ve […]

Man Finishes 11 Years Walking Around the World – Just Because He Could

Walking for eleven years around the world, Jean Beliveau is about to return home to Montreal. Beliveau left Montreal on the day of his 45th birthday, August 18, 2000, after his small sign business went bankrupt. He decided to run around the world to try to escape that painful episode in his life. Archambault and […]

What Is In Your Emergency Kit?

With Southern California out with no electricity, homes burning up in Texas, tornadoes across the country, devastating heat waves, much of the Northeast under water (and more water), earthquakes, and the threat of terrorism in New York and Washington DC (which means it could happen anywhere), are you ready? Is your emergency kit been inspected, […]