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We have traveled all over North America and a lot of Europe and we’ve put together highlights of how to photograph some of the select places we’ve traveled to and explored. Told from the perspective of photographers, these reports will help you plan your photographic excursions, find where the nature subjects are and the best times to be there. We also give you some tips and advice on photographing some of our favorite natural subjects like birds, frogs, and rabbits.

For more information to help you get “behind the scenes” of how many of our photographs are done, also see the Behind The Scenes in the Learning Zone.

My Not-So Secret Passon for Tea

I’ve always been a tea nut. Not just any old tea, but exploring all parts of tea – my own way of tea. I first explored tea through the herbals, seeking improvements in health and energy. Along the way I ran into the legends of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and other history, recipes, and ceremonies around […]

Exploring Painted Hills in Oregon

A few years ago, my mother and I went on a genealogy romp through Oregon trying to track down the records of my family. We swung out into Eastern Oregon to one of my favorite nature parks, Painted Hills. I’ve photographed it for many years. Here are a few of the choice images from that […]

Portage Lake, Alaska

An hour’s drive south of Anchorage, Alaska, Portage Lake is one of the most accessible locations in the state. Tourists pause on their way to Seward to enjoy this glacier fed lake and spectacular glacier. After the visitor’s center closes, you can still walk along the lake and catch the last rays of light as […]

Jerusalem: Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, also known as the Tomb of Christ, is one of the most holy of holy sites in the world. It is recognized by most religions, though argued over, as the site where Jesus was crucified and buried. It is “owned” by four religions which maintain the structure as best […]

Photographing the Wind

The car door slammed, frustration evident not only in his body language but expression. "Trouble?" Brent deposited the camera into my lap and shook off his hat. "The damn wind." I looked outside at the field of wild daisies and sure enough, they were dancing around in the wind, white waves upon green stems. "You’re […]

Photographing and Exploring Jerusalem

Exploring the Old City of Jerusalem means going back through time. Not just back but down through the layers of time. A city conquered, crushed, rebuilt, conquered and crushed, then rebuilt again and again and again, visitors to Jerusalem relive the adventure by touring the many layers of history which remain. Many recent archeological discoveries […]

Northwest Trek

Growling bears, hissing cats, snorting beavers, splashing otters, howling wolves, calling eagles, screeching sandpile cranes, bugling elk…these are the sights and sounds that accompany you on your tour through the various native species of the United States Pacific Northwest when you visit Northwest Trek. Located near the foot of Mt. Rainier not far from the […]

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Photographing mountains is like photographing the history of the planet. Mountains wear their history from the inside out and back again. They are great repositories of natural history, archeology, geology, and climate change. They house a good majority of the planet’s fresh water reserves, influence the weather, and determine which side gets the water and […]

Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter of the Old City represents the second smallest area of the Old City. The Armenian Quarter is the smallest. The word “quarter” is not meant to represent the four parts of the whole Old City, but the sleeping “quarters” of the different populations. Currently, there is the Moselm Quarter, Christain Quarter, Jewish […]

Visiting Jerusalem’s Souvenier Shops

A crowded narrow street leads from the Jaffa Gate to deep inside the Old City of Jerusalem, a cobblestone divider between the Christian, Muslim and Jewish Quarters. It descends the gentle slope of the hill toward the Via Dolorosa, the painful path and last walk of Jesus of Nazareth as he carried the cross to […]

Alaska Wildlife and Scenics

Photographing in Alaska is not just a joy, in many ways, it’s a privilege. So few places are left in the world with easy access to nature, Alaska is very special. There is one main highway that basically circles the state, passing by some of the most beautiful and wild areas left in the world. […]

Jerusalem: Just Outside the Walls

There is much to photograph in and around the walls of the Old City. This article is designed to only cover the Old City, but close to the various gates you will find some interesting photographic opportunities. Here is a sample: Jerusalem Cemeteries To the east, accessible through St. Stephan’s Gate (Lion’s Gate), you will […]

Jerusalem: Perspectives of the Old City

There are many different ways of viewing the myriad perspectives of Jerusalem. If there are any specific symbols that represent Jerusalem, among them would be scenic views of the city with the golden Dome of the Rock highlighted, Orthodox Jews with their long beards and black hats and suits, and the Western (Wailing) Wall. But […]

Jerusalem’s Old Markets

The market areas of the old city represent the heartbeat of the area. During the morning and afternoon they are filled with people shopping, browsing, and passing through on their way to home, work, prayer, and social events. Several market areas are worth exploring within the old city. These market areas, many dating back hundreds […]

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Address: P.O. Box 6504 Titusville, FL 32782 Office: (407) 861-0667 Visitor Center: (407) 861-0661 web sites:US Fish and Wildlife, Wildlife Refuges Search University of Florida, Wading Birds of Merritt Island EMail:r4rw_fl.mrt @mail.fws.gov Hours: The refuge is only open during daylight hours. Getting There: From I-95: take Exit 80 (SR 406) […]