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The Traveling Employee

Millions of people are hired by companies with travel written right into the job description. For many this means racking up airline frequent flyer miles as high as the sky. For others, traveling can be done more slowly, making RVing a realistic choice. There is something wonderful to be said about sleeping in the same bed every night, eating at the same table, and having the comforts of home with you, even though your physical address may change frequently.

If you are a traveling employee with insurance plans and employee benefits, much of the planning for life on the road revolves around choosing an appropriate RV and finding places to stay for longer than a weekend or two.

Most traveling employees are provided with office space to work in, leaving the trailer as "home" instead of a working space. Even so, many traveling employees carry their own specialized equipment with them from site to site. When choosing an RV, the traveling employee needs to consider the space and weight needs for such equipment.

With today’s modern technology, all it takes is a cell phone and laptop and you can stay in touch with work from almost anywhere. Employees can work at home, from the road, or anywhere they are needed. If your business allows you to work from home, why not consider making home mobile? Is there a requirement to come into the office frequently? That can be worked around. With the advance in video telephones and conferencing, these face-to-face visits are changing.

Taking Work on the Road

Most people living in RVs and working where their job takes them have a home base. For some, this means leaving family behind, seeing them on weekends or once a month, or sometimes even less. While a campground environment can create a quick temporary "family" feeling, it doesn’t replace the family left behind. Class C motor homeThe traveling employee often works long hours, coming back to the hotel or RV just to sleep and shower and return to work. Living in an RV, returning to a familiar bed, bathroom, and living space can be more relaxing and comfortable for many than returning to a strange hotel room.

There are a wide variety of jobs for the traveling employee who works in all kinds of fields, including construction, transportation, communication, education, sales, and any job position which involves being at a site to do the work. If you’re someone who loves to travel and who has a skill that is "portable," the RV lifestyle might be for you.


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