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New Evacuation Map for Mobile, Alabama – Almost

As we are preparing to evacuate Mobile, Alabama, we’re packing up and constantly pausing to check the news and we found an an article discussing a new Mobile County Emergency Management Agency evacuation map. It’s announcement came Friday, just before the National Hurricane Center announced the predicted path of Hurricane Katrina towards Mobile and the Gulf Coast.

The map divides the county into four zones, based on major highways, hoping it would make it easier for limiting evacuations for only those areas which need it. For instance, if there is a Category 1 or 2 storm, everyone in mobile homes and trailers, and everyone south of “Deakle Road; east of Bellingrath Road and south of Interstate 10; and north of Interstate 10 and east of U.S. 43” must evacuate. Storm surges can bring high water and flooding inland and these areas are most at risk from high water.

On the old system, “In a Category 3 or higher storm…everyone north of I-10 and east of I-65, as well as people east of the Irvington-Bayou La Batre Highway and south of Half Mile Road, and south of I-10 and west of Potter Tract Road” would also be required to evaculate.

Two more zones in the country are added to the new map. These areas are divided on the east and west of Interstate 65 heading north.

Unfortunately, it may be next week before the new map is released. Oh, well.

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