with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Lost Images Found

What will people think of your photographs 50 or more years from now? Well, we have a rare chance to consider that question. The photographer and antique camera collector behind Westfordcomp, processed many rolls of film he found inside of old cameras he’s collected over the years. Film Found in Old Cameras showcases the images he found from the different rolls of film. Click on an image to see more images from that roll of film.

The pages below show prints I made from processing film I found in old cameras. In many cases the exposed films were over fifty years old. You are seeing them for the first time as they were lost by the photographers that took these images.

In addition to the images, the collector adds photographs of the camera in which the roll of film was found, and he makes comments about the images, providing what information he knows and can gleen from the images.

You might recognize someone or a location, which would be great information to add to the site, but it is also an amazing step back into the past to examine the forgotten photographic works of others.

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