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Tropical Storm Alpha is Born

Ever since the formation of two major hurricanes in July made it clear that the Hurricane Season of 2005 was going to challenge 1933 as the busiest season ever, I’ve been expecting to see the words “Tropical Storm Alpha” emblazoned on a hurricane tracking chart. Well, we’ve got the record now. The formation of Tropical Storm Alpha, the 22nd storm of the season, now makes 2005 the busiest hurricane season of all time. Still, it looks really strange to see the words “Tropical Storm Alpha” on the hurricane tracking charts, and gives a surreal cast to Hurricane Season of 2005 as we approach the Halloween season.
Jeff Masters – Weather Underground Blog: Alpha Sets All Time Record

Crap. $%^&*# and more crap. Welcome to potentially Hurricane Alpha.

So far, this tropical storm, might become a tropical depression, and could become Hurricane Alpha, is going to give Haiti and nearby islands major grief but should avoid the United States as its course will be effected by Hurricane Wilma crossing its northerly path. It should steer out into the Altantic.

You know, when I wrote a post at the beginning of the year as a joke for my friend, Michael, who gave me grief for moving to Hurricane Alley, about the hurricane names, I had no idea that this year, of all years, would be the year to exhaust all the names on the damn hurricane name list.

But then again, I know me. And I know us. And where ever we are, trouble follows. So, of course this would be the worst year on record, breaking all records for all the years combined.

Me tired of this.

Okay, Beta, you can come out of hiding soon. I know you are out there. Just waiting!

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