with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen

Brent and His Practice Guitar

Brent VanFossen in Prague Airport with his practice guitar

My husband, Brent VanFossen, plays classical guitar as well as steel guitar, specifically fingerstyle. He’s been playing since he was a kid, rock and roll style, and learned how to do fingerstyle guitar while we were in Israel, then realized he needed to go back to the basics and started on classical guitar training. He’s traveled around taking guitar workshops and attending conferences. He’s come a long way and I’m really proud of him.

The practice guitar he has here disassembles down to a narrow case, about the size of a clarinet travel case. It is nearly inaudible, with the sound heard through earphones. It gives him a chance to practice without carrying the huge guitar or making disruptive noises.

Here is is practicing during a long airport wait in Prague after a week long guitar workshop and a couple weeks spent camping around the Czech Republic.

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