with Lorelle and Brent VanFossen


MOVED!!! We are now out of the trailer and into a brick and mortar (okay, wood, too) home outside of North Plains, Oregon, northwest of Portland by 30-40 minutes and one hour due east of the Ocean. As far as we are concerned (and the bank hopes), this is our final resting point.

We’ve not stopped traveling. In fact, I’m on the road 5-7 months a year on average. Now we have a real address and real residency, and a possibility to grow some roots. It’s a fascinating switch.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and followed us around all these many years. Now, it’s your turn to come visit us. We’ve got lots of room.

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I do a lot of work with the WordPress Community as a volunteer and you can find a ton of answers to WordPress on . I also contribute a lot to the , the online manual for WordPress Users, where you can find even more answers.

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Guidelines for Contacting Us

We are still traveling and working long hours, so will respond to emails as soon as we can, but don’t be surprised if a week or more goes by as we may be away from the Internet on our travels.

We only have a few requests – consider them rules – about emailing us. If you know fellow travelers, these are the same rules they would thoroughly appreciate being honored when they are on the road. Remember, like the physical mailbox outside of your home, email boxes have sizes and when they are filled, there is no room for anything else, and no doorstep to leave the mail on. These rules are for the health and welfare of all travelers staying in touch on the road.

  • No Guest Blogging or Article Submissions Allowed: This is my site. I generate the content with the rare article by my husband or a family member. No guest blogging or article submission requests will be accepted, so don’t waste our time.
  • No Advertising Requests Accepted: While I may occasionally feature advertising and monetize this site, I do not accept any requests for ad programs, affiliate links, marketing, promotions, link baits, link exchanges, or any other schemes. Save both our time and do not make the request.
  • Save Space and Time: When we are traveling, our email accounts fill quickly because we don’t check it as frequently, so we ask everyone to NOT send graphics, attachments, jokes, sillies, or time wasters. We love jokes and laughing, but if you send us a joke or editorial, make sure it is appropriate for us, and please don’t send us something just because it made you laugh. We get so much email, it’s frustrating when 80% are forwarded jokes and not business. If you are sending an email with an attachment or graphic, please keep the file size of the email down to below 30K.
  • We Like Pretty Pictures – But Don’t Send Us Pretty Pictures: DO NOT SEND PHOTOS! We love looking at your pretty pictures, but we don’t have time to evaluate and critique them without a written request in advance. If you would like us to comment on your photography or writing, please email us a web page address featuring the material, tell us how “gentle” you would like our comments and critique, and we will do our best to respond.
  • Keep Email Plain: As much fun as it is to make email look like pretty stationery or sheets of notepaper, please avoid using all the graphics and pretty pictures provided with most email programs today. We are interested in what you have to say, not how pretty your “paper” might be.
  • Do keep in touch!: We miss our friends and family a lot and we miss hearing about their daily lives, the good and the bad. Many people consider forwarding jokes when they want frequent contact with others, but we are traditionalists. Please skip the joke and tell us how you are really doing and what you are up to with your life. We want to know. It’s important to us to keep our friendships even though our bodies are separated by distance.

How to Contact Us

Use our comment form below:

Brent and Lorelle VanFossen
VanFossen Productions
26950 NW Dorland Road
North Plains, OR 97133 USA

In Israel Mobile, Alabama Gaston, Oregon North Plains, Oregon
If you are in a hurry to contact us, you can also get us the old fashioned ways – though remember, new WordPress contacts are ONLY through the contact form below not phone:

Cell: 503-809-1277/p>