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We are very proud of our writing and our work. If you are interested in reprinting or reproducing any of our articles, images, or content, please let us know. All content within our website, Taking Your Camera on the Road, is protected by copyright, so permission is a must. Most reprint requests are granted, and some requests for free reprints are given, but there may be a charge for commercial usage, since we are in the business of selling our writing and photography. We have to pay for this life on the road!

For more information on the criteria we set for releasing reprint permissions, please read through our Rules for Reprinting Content below.

If you are unfamiliar with our site, we feature extensive articles about nature photography, basic photography, travel photography, photographing various locations around the world, life experiences and lessons, living on the road, web page design and development, Internet tips and tricks, and much more. You can see a more extensive list of articles on our Articles for Sale and Reprint page.

We have a wide range of nature and travel photography images available for sale and you can view some highlights in our online gallery. Our images are currently only available for editorial or commercial sale.

We write articles and sell usage of our photographs as our business. This web site is like a grand portfolio of our work, and it helps educate people about travel, nature, and photography. We write articles for a wide variety of publications, both in print and online, and we can customize any of our articles, or write a new one for you, upon request.

For permission to reprint any articles or content within these pages, please read our Reprint Rules below and fill in the following form:

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Rules for Reprinting Content
from Taking Your Camera on the Road

Content published in the Taking Your Camera on the Road e-mail newsletters, e-books, online at www.cameraontheroad.com, or in any other medium is copyrighted by Lorelle and Brent VanFossens and VanFossen Productions. This material may not be reproduced, republished or redistributed without the written permission of the VanFossens.

The VanFossens and VanFossen productions frequently receives republication requests. We generally grant such requests, assuming they meet the rules established by the VanFossens.

Permission may be granted for commercial or non-commercial use. There may be a charge for commercial use. Any decision on a charge will be made solely by the VanFossens.

Permission for reproduction, republication or redistribution is revocable at any time, for any reason. To request reprints and republication, contact the VanFossens via email or the form above. In addition, republication must meet the following rules:

  • Every article republication must include a footer. The standard footer is as follows, customizable upon request:
    Copyright © 2004 VanFossen Productions,
    Taking Your Camera on the Road, www.cameraontheroad.com.
    Reprinted with permission.
    No further republication or redistribution is permitted
    without the written consent of Lorelle VanFossen, Brent
    VanFossen, and/or VanFossen Productions at www.cameraontheroad.com
  • Every photographic image reproduction must include the following caption:
    Copyright © 2004 Brent and Lorelle VanFossen
  • In the case of the Taking Your Camera on the Road Newsletter or other large articles, reprint permission may be granted for reproduction of various sections, instead of the entire entity.
  • For republication on another web site: The credit line at the top of the article and all included images must be a hypertext link back to the Taking Your Camera on the Road site at: www.cameraontheroad.com.
  • For republication in a newsletter: Taking Your Camera on the Road content must not comprise more than one-quarter of your total publication (e.g., if your newsletter is four pages, a maximum of one page may be filled with VanFossen content).
  • Tear sheets (or URL) showing content usage must be submitted upon publication or within 10 days of publication, delivered by email or snail mail.
  • Reprint permission may be granted on a case-by-case basis for individual content items or for a range of items.
  • All reprint permission is valid only in the calendar year in which it was granted. You must reapply for reprint rights each January.
  • If payment is requested, a written agreement will be issued as a contract for services rendered, and the requirements there within will be inclusive.
  • In order to qualify for permission to reprint an article for free, we have some very basic criteria that the website must comply with.