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Traveling With Pets Overseas

We’ve traveled extensively by car, trailer, motor home, and airplane with our pets. Dahni, our eye-less wonder traveling cat, traveled with us on at least 12 airplanes visiting six countries. So we have a little experience with transporting animals on airplanes as well as across borders. Each country has their own requirements, though the creation […]

Lessons Learned from Dahni, The Eyeless Wonder Cat

Dahni had no eyes. Shhhh. He didn’t know it. And we didn’t tell him. They say that what a child didn’t know won’t hurt him. We decided not to tell Dahni that he had no eyes, and he didn’t seem to mind. He was our Eyeless Wonder Cat. When he arrived in our home in […]

Cat on the Road

Toshi, the traveling kitty, loves exploring new worlds and new civilizations. He boldly goes where few cats have gone before. In just two years, he traveled over 60,000 miles back and forth across North America, and together, we both learned a few things about life. Some cats just don’t travel well; some people don’t travel […]

Traveling Blind Cat Dahni is Famous

To return to translation, click here. For more on Dahni and his adventures, check out his personal web page, and for more on taking your pet on the road, visit Toshi’s Tails. We hope you have enjoyed this tale about our life on the road, a sample from our book, Home Is Where Lorelle Is. […]

Traveling Blind Cat Dahni is in the News

Yep, Dahni is famous. Impressed with Dahni after a visit, a friend told her daughter, the magazine writer, about his accomplishments. The daughter called me for an interview with Dahni – and me. A few months later it was published in the Ma’Ariv Children’s Magazine which is published weekly in the national Hebrew newspaper. Here […]

Toshi’s Tails

Toshi has tons of tales to tell and things to share with you about being a kitty living on the road full-time. Unfortunately, he likes to sleep 80% of the day so it takes a while to get any work done. Toshi, our long-time traveling furry friend, helps the traveling pet and their owner maximize […]

Wildlife Ethics – You Are a Guest in Their Home

Parachuting Cats into Borneo In the early 1950’s, the Dayak people in Borneo suffered tragically from malaria and the World Health Organization (WHO) helped them by spraying DDT to kill the mosquitoes which carried the malaria. The mosquitoes died, malaria declined, but there were side effects. Among the first was the fact that the roofs […]


Found under a leaf alongside the Sol Duc River of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, this red-legged frog remained patient while Brent moved to within four inches of its nose with a 55mm lens. Red-legged frogs are found along the United States coastal areas near permanent waterways and deep, damp forests. Mostly concentrated along […]

Snowshoe Hares

Yarrow is a favorite herb of hares, and this snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus) was happily harvesting a huge patch of the herb next to a viewpoint pull-off along Hurricane Ridge Road in the Olympic National Park of Washington State. Active year around, their large hind feet make excellent “snowshoes” in the deep snow of the […]