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The Reality of the Internet on the Road

The reality of the Internet on the road is that by the time I post this article on my web page, the technology will have changed. That’s reality one. Reality two is that there is still, after all the changes and advancements, little or no easy Internet access on the road. Now that you’ve heard […]

Home on the Range

Expectations We used to think figuring out the right exposure for a photograph was the most complicated part of photography. Now, we know differently. Staying in touch while taking your camera on the road full time can be extremely challenging and exceptionally frustrating. It’s costly, and often complex. It’s not just a matter of finding […]

Paper Trails and Indian Love Calls

In the movies, it seems that all you have to do to find your true love is yodel across the valley. In today’s world, you have to have a mailbox. Yodels just don’t get you very far anymore. When taking your life on the road, you have to create "paper trails" for people to track […]

Living from Pay Phone to Pay Phone

The idea of taking your camera on the road is a concept usually filled with the excitement of being “out there”, embracing life and the possibilities, discovering new worlds and new civilizations…but no one ever told E.T. how hard it would be to phone home. You used to fill your pockets with change, find the […]

Active and Reflective Listening

This meeting was very exciting and here is a summary of the program for those who missed out. Active Listening – Are You Being Heard? Active listening is traditionally considered a way of listening and responding to another person that improves mutual understanding. Many have come to think of it as structured conversation, where one […]