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Alabama Computer Jokes

Two of our dearest friends come to Israel to explore the country for the first time, and us for the last time for a while, just before we left Israel a few months ago. It was great having them there and made the process of leaving the country much easier. They were also with us […]

Engineering Redneck Humor

Brent, as most of you know, is an electrical/structural/aerospace engineer, as well as an incredible nature photographer. Very rarely he gets truly intellectual humor via email. This is from a friend of ours and connected to the fact that we live in the middle of redneck territory now, Mobile, Alabama. Enjoy. Redneck Engineering Exam 1. […]

A Little Cyber Humor

A friend just sent me this and I had to share it. It’s so “with the times”. The New Birds and the Bees The little boy asks his father – Daddy, how was I born? Dad responds, ah, my son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway. Well, you see, your […]

Some Giggles and Jokes from the Road – Queen Wilhemina State Park, Arkansas

I need to share some very funny stories. While I feel like you are hearing more of our woes than our good times, I hope you aren’t. It’s all learning experiences, no matter how they look or sound, and we treat them as such. We often find humor in the bad stuff, like me thinking […]