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Jerusalem: Just Outside the Walls

There is much to photograph in and around the walls of the Old City. This article is designed to only cover the Old City, but close to the various gates you will find some interesting photographic opportunities. Here is a sample: Jerusalem Cemeteries To the east, accessible through St. Stephan’s Gate (Lion’s Gate), you will […]

Jerusalem: Perspectives of the Old City

There are many different ways of viewing the myriad perspectives of Jerusalem. If there are any specific symbols that represent Jerusalem, among them would be scenic views of the city with the golden Dome of the Rock highlighted, Orthodox Jews with their long beards and black hats and suits, and the Western (Wailing) Wall. But […]

Jerusalem’s Old Markets

The market areas of the old city represent the heartbeat of the area. During the morning and afternoon they are filled with people shopping, browsing, and passing through on their way to home, work, prayer, and social events. Several market areas are worth exploring within the old city. These market areas, many dating back hundreds […]