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My Father Helps Me Fill in the Blanks of Our Story

In going through stacks of papers from my father’s home more than a year after his death, I found a manila envelope with my name on it. Inside were printed copies of emails I’d sent out in 1996 onward before we had an easily-updated website. When we left my father’s driveway in Marysville, Washington, I […]

Which RV to Choose for Travel and Life on the Road

I’m constantly asked which vehicle or trailer to choose when making a decision to take your camera and life on the road. My answer never varies. Here it is. There are a lot of articles out there with one view or the other on what type of recreational vehicle you should choose for travel. I’ve […]

Podcasting From the Road

My business partner, Dave Moyer of Bitwire Media, WordCast, and other ventures, and I spent several weeks on the road 24/7 traveling from Chicago to Portland, Oregon, to Seattle, then Vancouver, BC, and back to Seattle, then Portland. It was non-stop movement. He was worried when it came time to do the first podcast on […]

Where is Lorelle? Portland, Oregon

After dropping my father off at his home, after months of warmth and fun, he’s back in the rain and cold of Seattle. I slept for a few days (after weeks of not sleeping – and I mean weeks that add up to months), then packed my mother up in the little motor home and […]

Buying WIFI: The Greed of Expensive Hotels

I’ve been planning to write a scathing article about the high price of WIFI Internet connections at hotels, motels, and the like for a while, but I can’t compete with the brilliance of Respectful Insolence’s article, Good WIFI, Bad WIFI: Most of the hotels that I end up staying at for these meetings are pretty […]

Spokane, Washington, and Meeting More Family

I knew that this trip to take my father back home to Seattle would feature some genealogy research for our family tree, but I had no idea how far this would go. We met with my husband’s family in Ohio, then newly discovered members of my father and my family in Michigan, and today I […]

Where Am I and What Time is It?

Okay, I think I know where I am. I’m in Spokane, Washington, with my father. I just don’t know what time it is. For the past two weeks, it feels like every day is a new time zone. We went from Central Time in Alabama to Eastern Time in Ohio and then back to Central […]

Heading North via The Smoky Mountains

My father and I are heading out for the north tomorrow morning. I leave behind the two cats to take care of my husband and my husband to…okay, so the cats will take care of him and he can take care of himself. ;-) The plan so far, though subject to massive change due to […]

Track Your Packages Online from One Site

Because we travel so much, when we order something online there is a paranoia that the package won’t arrive before we make the next trip. Package Mapper is a new service which combines the database information for tracking shipping from UPS, FedX, and other delivery services, with Google Maps. Enter your shipping number and the […]

On the Road – Seattle to Mobile

I am currently on the road driving my father from Seattle to Mobile in his Class C motor home. This is a great lesson in how NOT to stay connected to the Internet though I’m having better luck in some places than I thought. We are currently in Desert Hot Springs, California, visiting his aunt […]

Riding With the Urban Mappers

Amazon.com’s A9.com Project Team is mapping the United States. Riding With the Urban Mappers tells of how this team of experts developing “block-view technology” which A9.com began this spring, allowing users to “virtually stroll city streets to get directions and identify local businesses.” The group travels via two utility trucks with a video camera on […]

How to be a Short Term Worker

With the right attitude, the life as a temporary worker is exciting and refreshing. It is filled with new things and challenges every day. You have control over where and when you work. You can stay for as long as you want and leave when you want, depending upon your contract. On the flip side, […]

Tips for Temps

Having hired temporary workers and been one myself for several years, here are some of the lessons I learned, often the hard way. Keep Home at Home, Work at Work Keep personal issues at home People really don’t care if you are having a good or bad day. They don’t really care if you are […]

The Traveling Business

Making the decision to take your business on the road isn’t an easy one. It is filled with complications, red tape, life changes, and major and minor decisions which can overwhelm you unless you are prepared. First, you must decide if your business qualifies as a mobile one, then think of all the things your […]

Storage Tips for RVs

Living in a small space, especially one the size of most American bathrooms, combined with the fact that the small space isn’t standing still all the time, well, storage can be complicated. It isn’t a matter of where to put things, but how, why, and will it fall down and hit someone in the head […]