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The Traveling Employee

Millions of people are hired by companies with travel written right into the job description. For many this means racking up airline frequent flyer miles as high as the sky. For others, traveling can be done more slowly, making RVing a realistic choice. There is something wonderful to be said about sleeping in the same […]

The Traveling Worker

Temporary jobs are available in every field, with a high demand right now in construction and communications maintenance, installation and repair. There is work available as a bookkeeper, secretary, receptionist, pharmacist, caretaker, cook, bottle washer, pet groomer, baker, dentist, doctor, medical technician, engineer, law assistant, court reporter, satellite dish installer, sales clerk, ticket taker, bus […]

The Time It Takes – Computing Your Time

“How long will this take?” This is the first question most temporary workers are asked. Most companies have a specific task in mind, usually under a deadline. One of the skills most needed in a temporary job is the ability to compute time constraints. Computing tasks by time requires familiarity with a task. If you’ve […]

The Job Contract – Negotiating the Job Contract

Whether for a long or short term job position, workers usually sign a contract specifying the job descriptions, rights and responsibilities of both parties. Most of the time the company has form contracts. Other workers develop their own contracts to more specifically meet their needs. Whichever way you go, there are some basics you need […]

The Mobile Office – Excuse Me While I Answer My Shoe

The road to a successful business can be long and bumpy. If you actually take your business on the road, these bumps can be hard on your equipment, too. When planning your mobile office, you need a flexible and compact office equipment system that fits in a small space and weighs little. A computer is […]

Hook Up to Stay – Short Term Stays

Setting up your home away from home, or your home on the road, for longer than a couple weeks means establishing "temporary permanence." When you stand still for very long, especially for a job, people you work with expect to be able to find you, call you, and keep track of you. Choosing a place […]

The Ideal Photo Recreational Vehicle

When you take your camera on the road, everything you take with you becomes part of your photography equipment – and some items will surprise you. Did you realize that the vehicle you travel in is part of your photography equipment? It is. It holds your equipment, it gets you to and from your photographic […]

Storage Tips for RVs

Living in a small space, especially one the size of most American bathrooms, combined with the fact that the small space isn’t standing still all the time, well, storage can be complicated. It isn’t a matter of where to put things, but how, why, and will it fall down and hit someone in the head […]

Running Out of Rubbers – Greensboro, North Carolina to Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oh, my, well, we made it to Oklahoma. I don’t know how, and maybe I shouldn’t question it. We made it and that is all that matters. By the skin of our teeth, or should I say by the skin of our rubbers. Not that kind of rubber! Just wait. I’ll explain it all, if […]

Brent and Lorelle VanFossen Take Their Camera on the Road – to Israel

PRESS RELEASE DATE: September 1999 SUBJECT: The VanFossens Change Roads VanFossen Productions, Lorelle and Brent VanFossen "Taking Your Camera on the Road" www.cameraontheroad.com lorelle@cameraontheroad.com Tel Aviv, Israel Tel Aviv, Israel – “I just got a job offer in Israel.” Brent’s words were greeted with a great hiss of “What?!” from his wife, Lorelle, startling the […]

Maps, Tracks, and Getting Lost – Asking for Directions

Traveling on the road full-time, asking directions becomes part and parcel of everyday life. While living in Spain, I found the word “there” had a lot of different meanings. This added to the general confusion associated with asking for directions. The word “there” translates into Spanish as alla and va par alla and the list […]

The VanFossens Hit the Road Full-Time – Taking Their Camera on the Road

Press Release DATE: August 1, 1996 SUBJECT: The VanFossens are Taking Their Camera on the Road Contact: Lorelle VanFossen, lorelle@cameraontheroad.com Check our Press Releases for the most current information on our activities. Everett, Washington – “You are crazy!” “You’re going to do WHAT?” “How are you going to do that?” “Wow!” “I sure wish I […]

1996 Starting Life on the Road Full-time

Date: August 1, 1996 Contact: Lorelle VanFossen, (918) 492-9667, lorelle@cameraontheroad.com Check our Press Releases for the most current information on our activities. Everett, Washington – “You are crazy!” “You’re going to do WHAT?” “How are you going to do that?” “Wow!” “I sure wish I could do that.” “What a life! Just traveling around!” “That’s […]