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Exploring Painted Hills in Oregon

A few years ago, my mother and I went on a genealogy romp through Oregon trying to track down the records of my family. We swung out into Eastern Oregon to one of my favorite nature parks, Painted Hills. I’ve photographed it for many years. Here are a few of the choice images from that […]

Snow on the Road

I love driving in the snow. Yeah, I know that most people freak out, but I’ve always been calm and cool when driving in winter conditions, even extreme. I know what I’m doing and I have total confidence in my abilities. What I don’t have confidence in are the other people. I was thrilled when […]

Photographing the Moon Eclipse 2008

It was freezing cold outside. And dark. Not the kind of dark that just comes with night but the dark that happens when the earth passes between the sun and the moon. It was February 20, 2008, and I was in our new temporary home in Gaston, Oregon, an hour west of Portland, in time […]

Lavender Festival: Photographing People and Hats

When I photograph people and I don’t have time for signing model releases, I take care to hide their faces. This beautiful woman, an artist selling her wares at the Lavender Festival, Washington County, Oregon, turned her head away to reveal the lovely hat she was wearing, which was what I really wanted to capture […]

The Littles: Minature Donkeys in Snow

Living at the farm in Gaston, Oregon, our lives revolved around the animals. Every morning I was greeted with honks and haws from the four Littles, a family of miniature donkeys. Owned and managed (okay, their food slave) by Leslie, mom, dad, and two children were the rock stars of the farm. Karina was the […]

Lavender Festival, Washington County, Oregon

For the past few years, we’ve enjoyed the popular Lavender Festival in Washington and Yamhill County, Oregon. Covering North Plains to the north, south to McMinnville, and east towards Beaverton, many farms around the area hosting beautiful gardens, food, galleries, shops, games, and artwork. This year the Oregon Lavender Festival is July 9-10, 2011, in […]

Oxygen Starved Dead Zone on the Oregon Coast Larger Than Ever

The KGW News in Oregon, reports that the “Oregon Coast Dead Zone is Bigger Than Ever Before”, explaining: The “dead zone” off Oregon’s coast is back — larger, thicker, and more lethal than ever. For the fifth year in a row, scientists have witnessed thousands of sea creatures dying in the Pacific Ocean. This year, […]

Where is Lorelle? Redmond, Oregon

When my mother grabbed the map and yelled over the sound of wind and traffic rushing into the motor home windows that the nearest “big” town was Redmond, I heard “Redman”. Well, just like the famous “Redmond” in Washington State, home of Bill Gates’ fortune and fame, Microsoft, there is also a Redmond, Oregon. After […]

Where is Lorelle? Portland, Oregon

After dropping my father off at his home, after months of warmth and fun, he’s back in the rain and cold of Seattle. I slept for a few days (after weeks of not sleeping – and I mean weeks that add up to months), then packed my mother up in the little motor home and […]